Kis-My-Ft2, Cornered

Title: Cornered
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Nikabunny is cornered.
AN: Written for Shiritori. Have some Nikaido is a bunny AU for no reason.


Cornered is how Nikaido feels, penned in, heart beating so quickly it sounds more like a hum than beats. He tries to scrabble backwards as hands grip him firmly around the waist, but his feet slip on the bare wood of the floor.

“Hey, no scratching!” Senga protests, holding Nikaido up at eye level. Nikaido stares at him balefully with his watery, pink bunny eyes, his flattened ears saying exactly what he thinks about being held up in the air.

His heart calms slightly when Senga tucks him firmly against his chest, fingers stroking through Nikaido’s fur. Senga’s heartbeat thumps soothingly, loud to Nikaido’s sensitive ears, and Nikaido’s eyes narrow in pleasure when Senga rubs the top of his head gently with his thumb.

“You can’t stay like that forever,” Senga says, not that he seems in a rush to stop petting Nikaido’s soft fur. Nikaido wiggles his nose to say just watch me. Senga just sighs and settles on the couch in the dressing room, the one that Nikaido had been hiding beside. “Good thing break’s not over yet.”

It only takes Nikaido a few minutes to relax into Senga’s petting, especially now that Senga doesn’t have to use a hand to support his weight and can use both of them to work his fingers into Nikaido’s fur. Senga rubs gently at his ears, smooths hands down his sides, strokes the bumps of his spine, until Nikaido is practically a puddle of fur melted against Senga’s chest.

“Finally,” Senga murmurs, and when Nikaido opens his eyes he realizes he’s switched back to human at some point. “Don’t, please?” Senga asks when Nikaido tense, about to turn back.

He strokes fingers through Nikaido’s hair, down his neck and over his spine, and Nikaido huffs a sigh out his nose and stays where and how he is. If that’s what it takes to make Senga happy, whatever.

The petting feels good either way, at least.

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