Kis-My-Ft2, Drive You Crazy

Title: Drive You Crazy [Miyata/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Sure the jeans look good, but Nikaido needs help to get them back off again. Miyata obliges, because he is an awesome boyfriend.
AN: Written as a follow up to ‘s fic Like a Wild Goat, and hers has the AN that explains why Nika is comparing his tight jeans to goats.

Drive You Crazy

Much to Nikaido’s delight and Miyata’s discomfiture, the staff actually says that leaving on their street clothes is fine for today’s concept. Mostly, they amend, side-eyeing Senga and Yokoo.

“It’s nice that the fans get to see our real style, every now and then,” Nikaido says, giving a casual stretch that makes his T-shirt ride up nicely. He grins as, behind him, Tamamori snaps at Miyata to watch where he’s going dammit.

“Uh-huh.” Senga eyes him, gaze unsurprised and lingering on the tightness of his jeans. “How did you even get those on?”

“I have tricks,” Nikaido informs him loftily. Senga snorts and says that he hopes Nikaido saved a couple to help get the jeans back off.

Nikaido doesn’t pay his best friend any mind. He looks good and he knows it; by the end of the shoot he’s riding high on the compliments of the staff, as well as the knowing looks he’s been exchanging with Miyata. There’ll be a couple miracle shots of Miyata, Nikaido’s sure, because when he quits goofing off and looks right at you, it’s hot.

I know what you’re doing, he’s been saying to Nikaido all afternoon, without any words, and every time Nikaido shivers he wonders exactly what the camera will pick up, what the fangirls will see three months from now. Just you wait until I get my hands on you later.

Come and get it, Nikaido answers with a slow blink of his own, grin lazy. The look Miyata sends back makes Nikaido’s heart trip over itself and shit, it’s a good thing these jeans are as tight as they are, or else the fangirls would be seeing a whole lot of something else, that’s for sure.

Miyata is an awesome boyfriend, Nikaido often admits at least to himself, easy-going and low-maintenance, but on the rare occasion that he gets all dominant and possessive, that’s a whole other kind of awesome. So maybe Nikaido spends the whole day being a gigantic cocktease and rubbing up against the other members, but the thrill of being a brat is nothing compared to the heat that rushes over his skin when Miyata grabs his wrist in the hallway on the way back to their dressing room.

He shoves Nikaido against the wall, pinning Nikaido’s other wrist up for good measure, and there’s no hiding the way Nikaido’s body reacts to that. Definitely no hiding it, in these jeans.

“Nika-chan,” Miyata murmurs, eyes dark enough that Nikaido wonders if he’s maybe pushed Miyata too far for them to make it home. A voice in the back of Nikaido’s head, the one that always gets him in trouble, wonders if they’re going to even make it out of this hallway, and suggests it would be totally hot if they didn’t. “Nika-chan, what are you thinking about?”

Nikaido shakes his head a little, mouth pressed firmly shut. No no no, stupid voice, shut up. But then Miyata rolls their hips together, making Nikaido’s mouth fall open on a groan, and the words come spilling out with it.

“Do you want me like this, right here?” he asks, not so much in control of his mouth. Miyata’s eyes spark, and Nikaido can’t shut up at all. “Anybody could come right around that corner and see us. Would that stop you? Or…”

Miyata gives a soft growl that makes Nikaido’s arms goosebump, but then he closes his eyes and lets out a long breath through his nose, releases Nikaido’s wrists and steps back. When he opens his eyes again, they’re so dark that Nikaido shivers hard, that he’s glad his back is pressed against the wall.

“You’re so glad right now that I’m an awesome boyfriend,” Miyata warns, and Nikaido doesn’t doubt it, doesn’t doubt that if he were in charge they’d be fired five times over this week alone. “Now get in there and grab your shit, because I’m not so sure my patience is going to last the whole train ride, got it?”

Nikaido gets.

The train is packed, since they’re getting off at a reasonable hour for once, and Miyata exacts at least part of his revenge by pressing close against Nikaido’s back, the rocking of the train rubbing him against Nikaido’s ass more than sufficiently enough to get his point across, and murmuring in his ear quite a few suggestions for how Nikaido might make up for his behavior.

Mercifully there’s no one home at Miyata’s house, because Miyata’s tight grip on Nikaido’s wrist as he drags him up the stairs says that it would not matter how many of his siblings were spectators. He all but tosses Nikaido into his room and slams the door shut behind them, his own shirt and pants on the floor in record time.

Amusement breaks through Miyata’s determination when Nikaido really can’t get the jeans off. He makes no move to help, just watches Nikaido on his bed, wriggling back and forth a little on his back, not so different from the Miyata family turtle.

“You deserve this so much,” Miyata informs him.

“Shut up and help!” Nikaido snaps, still flushed red from all the touching and whispering on the train, fingers clumsy with hurry and want.

“Mmm,” Miyata does no such thing, “Ken-chan said you had tricks.”

Nikaido gives up struggling and just glares at Miyata balefully.

“All right,” Miyata relents, shaking his head like Nikaido just can’t be helped. He reaches down to grab the cuffs of Nikaido’s jeans. “It’s a good thing I think turtles are cute. You might want to hold on to something, by the way.”

It takes a couple yanks, Nikaido holding on to Miyata’s headboard, but after the jeans slide down the first two inches, it only takes one more good pull for Miyata to tug them free and drop them in a heap. His mouth twitches into a grin at Nikaido’s sudden nudity. “Why am I not surprised?”

“Not like there was room for underwear in there!” Nikaido retorts. He’s hard and Miyata’s staring, but he resists the urge to try and cover himself, knowing it will just give Miyata more fuel to tease. Instead he lets his legs fall open a little wider, stretches out so he’s entirely on display, every centimeter the brat asking to be punished.

“You just can’t be taught subtlety, can you?” Miyata chuckles, but it’s dark and makes Nikaido’s heart race.

“As if you don’t love me just like this,” Nikaido shrugs, smirking. He reaches to touch himself, then groans quietly when Miyata grabs his wrist before he even gets close.

“As if you don’t love it just like this,” Miyata reminds, forcing Nikaido’s hand down against the mattress, squeezing it tighter until Nikaido whines. His cock twitches, and Miyata’s grin gets all the sharper as he looks Nikaido over. “Sometimes I wonder if I could make you come without touching you at all, just by doing this.” He gets his free hand around Nikaido’s other wrist to hold him down properly, edges knees in between Nikaido’s thighs to spread them just that much farther apart. “Want me to try?”

Nikaido shakes his head, biting his lower lip. He’s been dying for Miyata to fuck him all day, and as good as he knows Miyata will make it, he’s past the point where he wants teased.

“Better ask nicely, then,” Miyata says. Nikaido grinds his teeth a little; he knows Miyata wants him just as badly, but Miyata can definitely last a lot longer than Nikaido can. Better just to give him what he wants, so that Miyata’ll give him what they both want.

“Just fuck me. Please,” he adds quickly when Miyata’s eyebrow rises. “I want you inside of me, okay? I’ve been trying to tell you all day.”

“No kidding.” Miyata’s gaze turns sharp, the jealousy from earlier showing in his eyes all the more for having simmered all day. “You’ve been showing anyone with eyes all day.”

“That I want you, though!” Nikaido protests. He squirms, wanting way less talking and way more doing. “We already talked about this! Please, Miyacchi? How am I supposed to help it that other people can see me too when I want to look good for you?”

“You wore those just for me?” Miyata presses, skeptical. “Re~ally?”

“Well, I wasn’t not thinking of you when I put them on,” Nikaido says. It’s true enough; he hadn’t know staff would let them wear their stuff all day, so he hadn’t been expecting anybody outside of their group to get a really good look. “Compliments from other people are nice and all, but none of them got to help me take them off, right?”

He makes his eyes big and hopeful and tries not to rock his cock up against Miyata’s stomach too obviously. Miyata snorts a little.

“I know you’re just talking out your ass,” he finally relents, “but you’re so damn cute when you do it.”

“Mm,” Nikaido doesn’t try to argue the point, “kiss me, at least?”

Miyata gives in and drops his head to press their mouths together. His kiss is possessive and a little rough, and Nikaido lets him do as he will, shivering when Miyata nips at his lower lip. Then suddenly Miyata sits up, eyeing Nikaido when Nikaido whines at the loss of body heat.

“Stay there,” Miyata orders, “don’t move.”

Nikaido stays, shivering with anticipation while Miyata collects supplies from his bedside table. His legs are still spread wide enough that Miyata settles easily in between them. He glances up at Nikaido’s face as he reaches to trail two fingers lightly up the inside of Nikaido’s thigh. Miyata’s fingers are warm, and even the soft touch has Nikaido panting, digging nails into his palms, his cock flushed and heavy.

“Mmm,” Miyata hums, running his hand more firmly up Nikaido’s thigh and then back down, “these are worth looking at, definitely.” He thumbs the crease of Nikaido’s thigh, and Nikaido can’t hold back a whine; he gives a louder one when Miyata leans in to press an open-mouthed kiss to the inside of Nikaido’s thigh. “I’ve been thinking about having these wrapped around my waist all day.”

“I can do that,” Nikaido promises. “Just please, come on, okay? Touch me already?”

“No way, and don’t you do it either, you’ll just come all over yourself.” Miyata sits up and reaches for the tube of lubricant lying next to them. “Because you want me inside you, right?” Miyata just laughs at the disgruntled look Nikaido lifts his head to give him.

Miyata goes a bit faster than usual, a bit harder, enough so that Nikaido wouldn’t generally be comfortable with it. But when Miyata glances up, Nikaido can see that Miyata is watching him carefully, making sure, and it’s knowing that he has Miyata’s full attention that lets Nikaido relax into it. Eventually Nikaido does open up for him, and Miyata brushes a kiss against the inside of his knee in reward.

It’s not a thing they talk about, but when their eyes meet, Nikaido can see Miyata is genuinely pleased to be so trusted, and Nikaido lets his own face show that he doesn’t feel the slightest doubt about being entirely in Miyata’s hands. With a grin, Miyata pulls his fingers free and gives Nikaido’s thigh a quick pinch when he whines about it.

“Should I make you beg?” he asks, running still-slick fingertips down the length of Nikaido’s leg as far as he can reach. “I wonder if I could get Nika-chan to beg for me.”

Nikaido drops his eyes and flushes even darker, cheeks bright pink. He’d never do it in words, but he spreads his legs a little wider under Miyata’s touch and shifts his hips up, begging with his body instead. Like the jeans, it’s just for Miyata, not something he’d do for anybody else.

Because he’s an awesome boyfriend, Miyata gets it right away.

“Good enough,” he murmurs, obviously trying for flip but his voice is too low for it to work properly. He’s got the condom on and is pushing into Nikaido about half a second after that, clearly just as sick of fooling around as Nikaido is. He settles on top of Nikaido as he works his way inside, kissing him and letting him cling as much as he likes until Nikaido adjusts.

It takes a minute, but Miyata’s deep, possessive kisses are a good distraction, and Nikaido melts into them until he’s feeling warm and relaxed all over. He squeezes around Miyata to get his attention, ready to go.

“Mmm.” Miyata gives him a last lingering kiss before pushing himself up for the leverage to thrust, “And don’t forget your promise, either, since you’ve been teasing me with it all day.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Nikaido grumbles, already breathless from Miyata’s first slow thrusts. But it’s not exactly a hardship on his end to wrap his legs good and tight around Miyata’s waist, dragging him as close as he can.

“Just like that,” Miyata encourages, thrusts turning deep and rough from Nikaido’s tight grip. “Damn, you really do have amazing legs.”

“Fuck yeah, I do,” Nikaido agrees, and then Miyata drives all the air out of his lungs, preventing further comment, at least from him. Miyata keeps up a steady stream of encouragement bordering on dirty-talk for a while longer, before he’s panting for air too. Nikaido’s hands are tight around Miyata’s biceps, his grip slipping on Miyata’s sweat-slick skin, getting off on how strong Miyata is above him just as much as he gets off on having Miyata inside him.

When Miyata growls for Nikaido to bring himself off, Nikaido obeys without question, although it takes a few tries for him to get his hand to cooperate.

“Do it,” Miyata orders, voice rough and eyes dark, “Come for me,” and Nikaido does, moaning brokenly as he spills over his hand and stomach, squeezing his legs around Miyata to press him in as deeply as he can.

His ears are still ringing with it when Miyata tugs Nikaido’s legs loose and hooks them over his shoulders instead. Dazed and loose-limbed, Nikaido couldn’t fight him off even if he wanted to, doesn’t do anything but cry out as Miyata fucks him much harder than he usually would. It isn’t long anyway until Miyata comes himself, groaning his name when Nikaido tightens around him purposefully like he’s stroking Miyata off with his whole body.

“Okay?” Miyata asks, voice muffled because his face is buried in Nikaido’s chest. He’s heavy as hell on Nikaido’s chest and sweating all over everything, and they’re probably going to be glued together by the time he moves. But his weight makes Nikaido feel secure, protected, and the heat of his skin is soothing the dull ache in Nikaido’s thighs and abs.

“I’m good.” Nikaido expends enough energy to work fingers into Miyata’s hair, scratching gently at his scalp. “I deserved it, right?”

“Yes,” Miyata chuckles, but he pushes himself up to scrutinize Nikaido’s face properly. ‘I wasn’t so careful, though.”

Nikaido shrugs a shoulder, grin cheeky. “I like it when you lose control. I like that I can make you do it.”

“You like driving me crazy, is what you mean,” Miyata says, rolling his eyes a little, but he seems satisfied with that, and drops back onto Nikaido’s chest with a wuff of air. “Brat.”

“You love it,” Nikaido answers breezily, and then they lapse into comfortable silence for a few breaths. Nikaido’s mind keeps working on that for a few seconds longer, until he figures, maybe it can’t hurt to say every once in a while. “You know…you’re a pretty awesome boyfriend.”

Miyata doesn’t lift his head back up, but Nikaido can feel his smile against his skin. “Really? Even when I get jealous and molest you on the train and get rough when I’m taking advantage of you?”

Especially then, Nikaido thinks, but he only says, “Yeah,” out loud, because there’s handing out compliments and then there’s giving away far too much power. “Yeah, I don’t mind.”

Miyata hums happily and squeezes Nikaido a little tighter, and Nikaido doesn’t argue as he goes back to ruffling Miyata’s hair. If Miyata’s strong enough to take advantage of him, then he’ll be strong enough to carry Nikaido to the bath later when they really do end up glued together.

“And I hope you don’t think you’re putting those jeans back on tomorrow morning,” Miyata growls, making Nikaido’s skin buzz, making him laugh helplessly until Miyata shuts him up with a kiss.

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