Kis-My-Ft2, Plain As

Title: Plain As [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Tamamori is almost as obvious as he is oblivious, and Senga gives surprisingly sound romantic advice.
AN: Something short and silly for Miyata’s birthday. Happy 24th! The junk Tama says in here is really from one of those interviews where they ask members about each other, and Tama answers Miyata for voice he likes the best, and also most beautiful, and he totally says that exact thing about Miyata’s face being pretty but nobody else noticing. Oh Tama, so not subtle XD

Also Senga getting his face squished by train doors routinely is a trufax quote as well, from Miyata.

Plain As

“I can’t believe you just said that,” Senga scoffed, making Tamamori frown.

“But his face is pretty,” Tamamori grumbled, ears going pink when Senga only laughed harder.

“Aw, Tama-chan,” Senga managed between giggles. “Who would look at him that close except for you? Oh, don’t look so sour.” Senga finally gave up teasing, bumping Tamamori’s shoulder with his own. “It’s not like it isn’t obvious anyway.”

“It…what?” Tamamori asked. Sometimes Senga was too much work to figure out on his own. “What’s obvious?”

“You are!” Senga rolled his eyes when Tamamori just blinked at him some more. “Honestly, why do I keep ending up giving you guys all this romantic advice? Can’t you guys go bug Takki-senpai or something?”

“I have no idea what you’re even talking about,” Tamamori said. “I’m not asking you for any kind of advice!”

“That’s totally proof that you need it.” Senga reached up to press his hands to either side of Tamamori’s face, palms warm against Tamamori’s cheeks. “Look, just do what I say. Go tell Miyacchi what you just told interview staff-san, okay? Exactly what you said. Trust me.”

Senga squished Tamamori’s face a little, like he was the train doors instead of the victim of them for once, and then hopped up and went on his way.

None of the idiots in his band made any sense, Tamamori sighed to himself, but he went off on the errand Senga had sent him on anyway. It was annoying, but Senga would only keep on pressing about it until he got his way, so just doing what he said and getting it over with took less effort in the long run, Tamamori had long ago learned.

Besides, Miyata had a tendancy to pop up if Tamamori went any farther than a dozen yards or so.

“Hi, Tama-chan!” Miyata chirped, appearing suddenly and trotting over to Tamamori’s side. Pleased with his accurate prediction, Tamamori smiled. “You look happy. Glad to see me?”

“No,” Tamamori answered right away, pursing his lips to get rid of the smile. “I have something to tell you.”

“Oh?” Miyata asked, clearly pleased. “What?”

“Ken-chan said I had to tell you.” Tamamori puffed his cheeks to show what a chore it was. “For my interview. I told them that I liked your voice best, and that your face is really pretty, it’s just that nobody knows that since your great big nose is in the way.”

Miyata was staring at him, mouth open a little, and Tamamori fidgeted into the silence.

“What?” he finally demanded.

“Really?” Miyata asked, voice soft.

“Yeah.” Tamamori shifted some more, then grunted when suddenly Miyata threw himself at Tamamori, wrapping arms tight around his chest.

“I love you too,” Miyata said, voice muffled against Tamamori’s shoulder.

Oh, Tamamori realized, oh. Well, shit.

Then Miyata leaned up to kiss him firmly, and Tamamori forgot all about how annoying it was that Senga never explained himself properly in the first place.

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