Kis-My-Ft2, The Worst Waiter Ever

Title: The Worst Waiter Ever [Yokoo/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Yokoo may have kidnapped Nikaido just a little bit.
AN: Written for Shiritori. Set in the universe where Yokoo, Kitayama, and Fujigaya are vampire masters and ft2 are their pets.

The Worst Waiter Ever

Dark and potentially dangerous is what his schoolbooks had said about vampires, back when Nikaido had any use for schoolbooks. He hadn’t thought much about them back then, or anything else in those books, but the words came back to him now as he opened his eyes to find himself in a strange bed, with a vampire looming over him.

“Awake?” The vampire smiled just enough to show off the points of his fangs, eyes looking Nikaido over as if inspecting merchandise for flaws. “Good, I thought you might have hit your head on the way down.”

“On the way…” Nikaido tried to think back to the last thing he remembered. His boss yelling at him? A tray full of glasses, and then a pair of eyes dark enough to make him want to drown, drawing him in… “Did I faint?” Nikaido asked, frowning. He looked down at the covers under him, so soft under his fingers, a million times finer than his own cheap sheets, then the old-fashioned lamps on the wall and the wide French doors that led to a balcony. “Did you kidnap me?”

“Maybe a little.” The vampire seemed to find that funny, chuckling, his voice making all the hair on Nikaido’s arms rise, and Nikaido felt a bit faint again even now. “Your boss didn’t seem to mind. He says you’re fired, by the way.”

“That dick,” Nikaido growled, anger clearing his head back to mostly normal. He tried to glare at the vampire, but for some reason he dropped his eyes to his shirt instead. Black silk, it looked like, and Nikaido had to force his hand back down when it raised on its to feel it. “Who even are you?”

“Yokoo Wataru, at your service.” Yokoo laughed again, although Nikaido didn’t see what was so funny about that. “Yokoo-sama, to you. You’re Nikaido Takashi, yes? Takashi.”

He said Nikaido’s name in a way that no one else ever has, making Nikaido’s head jerk up. Their eyes met and this time there was no mistaking the way Yokoo’s gaze made Nikaido dizzy.

“You really are just that sensitive, aren’t you?” Yokoo purred, the words not making a whole lot of sense as they permeated Nikaido’s brain. Yokoo’s nose was pressed into the curve of Nikaido’s neck suddenly, inhaling and making Nikaido shiver. “And you smell so good…you smell delicious.”

“Wha?” Nikaido tried to remind himself dangerous, dangerous, but Yokoo smelled good too, and the shirt felt just as good as it looked, and Nikaido’s eyes were falling shut and his head tilting to the side before he realized he was doing it, baring more of his neck.

“I know we just met,” Yokoo murmured, “so sorry for being so forward.”

“Huh? I…ohhh,” was all Nikaido managed as Yokoo’s fangs slid into his skin. There was a sharp prick at first, but then everything washed away in a blaze of heat, like fire was rushing through his veins.

“Mmm,” Yokoo’s voice was purring in Nikaido’s ear when Nikaido regained some sense of reality. He was flat on his back, Yokoo lying close against his side with one hand splayed on Nikaido’s stomach.

Nikaido was having trouble catching his breath, but he felt wonderful, warm tingles running down his limbs all the way to his fingers and toes. Yokoo started laughing suddenly, like he felt the same tickle.

“For such a terrible waiter,” Yokoo said, “you make an excellent snack.”

“I wasn’t that bad,” Nikaido grumbled despite his lingering euphoria, but it only made Yokoo laugh harder. Squirming with embarrassment and a bunch of other feelings he can’t make heads or tails of, Nikaido rolled onto his side and hid his face against Yokoo’s shoulder.

“I have no complaints about the service I’m getting.” Yokoo brushed fingers down Nikaido’s spine, and Nikaido pressed closer, wanting more, wanting skin.

“Is it always like this?” Nikaido asked. Everything felt good against his skin, the blankets, Yokoo’s shirt, his own clothes, and Nikaido rubbed a little more firmly against Yokoo’s side. His nose brushed skin, just above the last button Yokoo had done up, and he stretched a tiny bit more to put his lips there instead. Yokoo’s skin was cool against the warmth of his mouth, so weird, making Nikaido want to undo the rest of the buttons and explore.

“You can, you know,” Yokoo suggested. “Unbutton them. Explore. And no, it’s not always quite like this. I am having an unusually good time at the moment…”

And maybe it should have concerned Nikaido that Yokoo had answered both the things he said out loud and the ones he hadn’t, but he was having trouble working up much concern about anything when he felt so good.

For the first time in a really long time, he felt wanted.

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