Snowman, It’s Not Easy Being Representative Director

Title: It’s Not Easy Being Representative Director [Iwamoto/Snowmen]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Iwamoto is too exhausted even for his group.
AN: Bad Boys J just makes me want all the snowmen, all the time. My assumption is that the Snowmen feel the same way.

It’s Not Easy Being Representative Director

Master of Threesomes though his other Snowman title might be, Iwamoto’s groan is not the encouraging kind when Sakuma plops in his lap. Normally he would be very interested in the way Sakuma twines arms around his neck and rolls his hips a little, but today Iwamoto puts his hands on those hips to hold them still.

“Hey,” Sakuma pouts.

“Sorry,” Iwamoto apologizes, and he is, even without Sakuma’s incredibly tempting pout. “I’m exhausted. I don’t know if I could do it if I tried.”

“Aw, but I miss you!” Sakuma protests. “Date and Abe miss you too. It’s no fair that Fukka and Shota get you all to themselves.”

“If they had me all to themselves, there wouldn’t be a problem, I can handle them.” Iwamoto shifts a little when Sakuma eyes him. “It’s all those other guys! Kento-kun and Nika-senpai and Yasui-kun…and Hasshi…especially Hasshi.” Iwamoto shivers just thinking about it, unsure himself whether it’s a good or bad shiver. “Hasshi and Yasui-kun should never be in the same drama ever again. A guy has limits!”

“You’re being dramatic,” Sakuma scolds. “You’ve been to a million Shounen Club practices with those guys, it can’t be that–”

“Hey, co-star!” Yasui’s voice rings out from the dressing room door, and there’s no mistaking the way Iwamoto tries to hide himself, somewhat hilariously, behind Sakuma’s slight frame.

With Yasui shooed off (Taiga had the good timing to be wandering by) and Iwamoto settled with a sweatshirt pillow to take a nap, Sakuma calls an emergency Snowman meeting.

Nobody gets between the Snowmen and their Representative Director.

Iwamoto is a bit disoriented when he wakes up from his nap, too many pairs of hands on his skin and not enough clothes.

“Guys, I told you…” Iwamoto starts to whine, squeezing his eyes shut and hoping if he pretends to go back to sleep, they’ll just leave him alone. His eyes pop back open when a very familiar pair of lips press against his stomach.

“You could always just watch,” Watanabe suggests, scattering a few more kisses that make Iwamoto twitch, and then there’s Miyadate’s chuckle right in Iwamoto’s ear.

“Fukka sure is putting on a good show over there,” he says, and Iwamoto can’t keep from turning his head to see. Sure enough, Fukuzawa is straddling Abe, holding his wrists down, and Iwamoto starts getting interested in spite of himself. “He’s not too tired for us.”

“You guys are jerks,” Iwamoto groans, then groans louder when Watanabe stops fooling around down there and gets serious. Miyadate purrs his approval as his hand wanders over Iwamoto’s chest.

“Shush,” Sakuma orders, and Iwamoto finally notices him on Miyadate’s other side, which explains the slow roll of Miyadate’s body against his. “We’re going all at once just for you, so appreciate it.”

“Didn’t we go all at once yesterday just because?” Abe asks, and Fukuzawa leans down to crush their mouths together, shutting him up.

Iwamoto just gives in and lets his groupmates have their way. After this, maybe going back to drama filming tomorrow will be a relief by comparison.

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