Baka6, Magic Week

Title: Magic Week [Hokuto/Jesse]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, and the whole premise of the fic is that Jesse is 17. I guess this is ageplay? Sure.
Summary: After Hokuto’s birthday, he’s really into the gap between him and Jesse, and it doesn’t wear off nearly as quickly as Jesse thinks it will.
AN: Their birthdays are exactly a week apart! oops wrong magic week.

Magic Week

Hokuto’s on him the second they get the door shut behind them, and all Jesse can do is laugh between moans, muffling his noises against Hokuto’s shoulder.

“Shut up, brat,” Hokuto murmurs in his ear, his fingers already under Jesse’s shirt and sliding over his ribs, making Jesse press his back against the door. “Help out.”

“But I like it when you do all the work,” Jesse answers, slouching down a little to blink at Hokuto, purposefully making his eyes big and as innocent as he can, given the circumstances. “I like it when you take advantage of me.”

“Yeah, you do,” Hokuto agrees, leaning in harder until Jesse can feel how hard he is, pressing against Jesse’s thigh through their costume pants. Hokuto’s hands slide down, squeezing Jesse’s ass as he pushes their hips together. Jesse lets him do what he wants, only wraps his arms around Hokuto’s neck and murmurs in his ear that it feels good, that he should hurry it up already because it’s not like just because they have their own tiny dressing room that nobody else ever blunders in here.

When Hokuto doesn’t hurry up at all, Jesse shoves him back and takes advantage of Hokuto’s surprise to reverse their positions. He’s already on his knees before Hokuto so much as asks “What?”

“Don’t act like you aren’t interested.” Jesse smirks up at Hokuto through his bangs as he unzips Hokuto’s pants and pulls his cock out, already hard. He gives it a firm stroke. “You are definitely interested.”

Jesse doesn’t fool around, swallowing half of Hokuto’s cock at once, working the bottom half with his hand. He hums happily when Hokuto gets hands in his hair and starts pulling him back and forth; he’s done singing for the day after all.

It’s been like this ever since Hokuto’s birthday. Not that they hadn’t fooled around before, but as soon as he crossed over that line with Jesse on the other side, it was like Hokuto was getting off on the thrill of it more than the actual sex itself. Jesse had gone along with it, amused and figuring the thrill would wear off after a week or two, but it’s been weeks and Hokuto’s interest hasn’t waned at all. If anything, Hokuto has gotten more into it.

To be fair, Jesse has been encouraging him more than a little with wide eyes and playing innocent. He doesn’t care about the age thing so much, but having Hokuto’s full attention? That’s something worth holding on to for as long as he can.

“Hey,” Hokuto warns, “hey,” and Jesse looks up, not wanting to miss the way Hokuto looks when he comes, his hair in his eyes and biting down on his lower lip. He swallows around Hokuto and gives him a last lick before standing up.

“Good?” he asks. Hokuto kisses him in reply, messily because of the way he’s still panting for air. Jesse’s hard, but doesn’t do anything about it for the moment, happy enough with the attention Hokuto’s giving him as he rubs slowly against Hokuto’s hip.

“Want me to…” Hokuto rolls his hips against Jesse once he’s got his breath back.

“Stay here a sec,” Jesse asks, stealing another slow kiss. “Mmm.”

“You were just telling me to hurry,” Hokuto tsks at him. “You’re so unreasonable.”

“You love it.” Jesse nips at Hokuto’s earlobe. He laughs when Hokuto shoves him to the ground, and is still laughing when Hokuto crawls on top.

Twenty minutes later, Hokuto is whistling in the shower and taking his sweet time about it, making Juri roll his eyes at Jesse as they’re both getting dressed.

“Subtle,” he says.

“You’re one to talk,” Jesse retorts, reaching over to poke a dark smudge just above Juri’s hipbone. Juri yanks his t-shirt down with a scowl and slaps Jesse’s hand away.

“At least my hookups aren’t some weird age fetish thing,” Juri says. Jesse shrugs, until Juri adds, “Enjoy it while you can. You won’t be seventeen forever, you know.”

“I know that,” Jesse says, but he can’t keep from frowning a little.

Even though he knows Juri was being a jerk just to be one, Jesse can’t shake his words off. Jesse feels like he’s being stupid, but every time Hokuto puts his hands on him, a small voice in the back of his head keeps asking what’s going to happen when he isn’t Hokuto’s cute illegal play on the side.

“What’s up?” Hokuto asks, lifting his head. Jesse realizes he’d been thinking instead of kissing Hokuto back, which is sort of embarrassing given that he’s spread out across Hokuto’s bed without his shirt. “Don’t say it’s nothing,” Hokuto says as Jesse opens his mouth to do just that. “It’s cute when you scrunch your forehead like that, but I know what it means.”

Jesse looks to the side; it’s easier if he’s not meeting Hokuto’s eyes. “I’ve been wondering…what’s going to happen when I turn eighteen?”

“We’re going to smash a cake in your face,” Hokuto informs him. “Maybe in other places.”

“No, I mean,” Jesse rolls his eyes, “between us.”

“Eh?” Hokuto raises an eyebrow. “What are you talking about? That’s ages away.”

“I just…” Jesse twiddles Hokuto’s sheets between his fingers. “It’s only because I’m still seventeen, that you like it so much. That you like me so much.”

“That’s stupid, I liked you before,” Hokuto says, soothing, but Jesse interrupts him.

“You liked other people too.” Jesse swallows a bubble of jealousy about that, but it’s hard when he thinks that maybe it’ll go back to that way at some point. “It wasn’t just me until…this.”

“Oh,” Hokuto says, like he finally gets what they’re talking about. “You think once we’re the same again, that’ll be the same too.”

“Won’t it?” Jesse tries not to sound miserable, but he’s pretty sure he fails at it. “Why wouldn’t it?”

“It’s just a silly game, you know,” Hokuto says, making Jesse frown. “I like it, and I thought you did too, but it’s not serious.”

“What is it then?” Jesse snaps, stung that he’s the only one who thinks this is serious.

“No, I mean, it’s not like that.” Hokuto growls a little, frustrated, and Jesse scowls at how his body responds to that immediately. “What I mean is, I like playing pervy senpai with you plenty, but it’s not the game I want, stupid. It’s you.”

“It…is?” Jesse asks.

“There’s like a million people who are way more illegal for me than you are, if that’s all I wanted,” Hokuto points out. “It’s hot because you’re into it. And if this really goes on all year until your birthday, do you really think after all that I’ll just be like ‘see you later, bro’?”

Jesse wrinkles his nose at Hokuto’s English. “Please don’t break up with me like that. Or anybody. Ever.”

“Let’s just see where it goes, okay?” Hokuto asks, shifting over so Jesse can’t avoid his gaze. “Right now, the only person I want to take advantage of is you.”

Jesse scrutinizes him for a long moment, but Hokuto looks serious, or as serious as he can look, at any rate. That’s all he can ask for, Jesse thinks, and he takes a deep breath to try and chase away the weight that’s been sitting on his chest.

“Okay,” he finally says. “Me too. I want you too, so…please take care of me.”

“I’m trying!” Hokuto insists. Jesse muffles the rest of Hokuto’s indignant words by pulling him down for a kiss. Jesse kisses hard, still wanting reassurance, but Hokuto matches him for every nip and hair pull, until Jesse relaxes against him.

He lets Hokuto take care of him without protest, Hokuto peeling off the rest of their clothes and running fingers and lips over each piece of Jesse’s skin as he bares it. Jesse doesn’t try to hurry him up or slow him down, only runs fingers through Hokuto’s hair and moans lazy encouragement. When Hokuto spreads Jesse’s legs, Jesse tips his head back in pleasure as Hokuto tastes the skin of his inner thigh the same way.

“Want me?” Hokuto asks, brushing his thumb over Jesse’s hole.

“Said you’d take care of me,” Jesse pants. He bites down on his lower lip to keep from making an embarrassing noise as Hokuto teases at his rim. “Make me feel good?”

Hokuto’s answer is to lick at him, and Jesse can’t muffle the noise this time because senpai game or not, Hokuto’s never done that before. Hokuto does it again, more deliberately, tracing around the edge of Jesse’s hole with the tip of his tongue until Jesse is spreading his legs shamelessly all on his own.

“I guess you like that,” Hokuto chuckles. He switches to the tip of his finger, getting nearly to his second knuckle before Jesse’s body starts to resist. “Damn, aren’t you supposed to be playacting an innocent virgin here?”

“Nobody’s that good an actor,” Jesse says. “Maybe if you didn’t deflower me like fourteen times a week.” Hokuto snorts with laughter against Jesse’s inner thigh, making Jesse squirm and slap at him. “That tickles, weirdo!”

“You’re the weirdo.” Hokuto kisses the spot instead. “Doing weird roleplay shit with some guy you don’t even think likes you.”

Jesse throws an arm over his face, cheeks getting hot. “Oh my god, could you please shut up and just fuck me already?”

Hokuto agrees, still laughing, that jackass, but he makes up for it with his mouth on Jesse’s cock and his fingers inside Jesse’s ass. Eventually Jesse forgets his embarrassment, right about the time that Hokuto has him squirming for more, squeezing around his fingers to try and get him deeper.

“Please,” Jesse switches to begging, hoping that’ll get him a little farther. “Please? You want me, right?”

“Yeah,” Hokuto agrees, sitting up finally and reaching for a condom. Usually Jesse just lies there, but since they aren’t playing that way right now, this time he sits up and plucks it out of Hokuto’s hand, making him blink in surprise. The surprise turns into a low moan when Jesse rolls it onto Hokuto himself, then gives him a few extra strokes just to do it. While Hokuto is distracted, Jesse glances at their location and decides he likes it just the way it is.

“Stay there,” Jesse orders, and Hokuto gets two syllables into his question before Jesse gets up on his knees and then starts sinking down onto Hokuto’s cock. He tries to do it slowly because Hokuto feels bigger like this, but his knee slips on the mussed blankets and he plops the whole way down into Hokuto’s lap with a pained grunt.

“Whoa,” Hokuto says, putting his hands on Jesse’s back and rubbing in slow, warm circles. Jesse closes his eyes and breathes into it, wrapping arms around Hokuto’s neck for balance. “What’s gotten into you?”

“You?” Jesse makes the obvious joke. Since sitting still isn’t helping that much, Jesse carefully pushes back up, hoping that movement will. It does, or at least concentrating on it is worth the distraction. The faces Hokuto is making are quite the distraction as well, and Jesse’s wondering why he never thought to try this before. He shoves at Hokuto’s shoulder. “You like it so much, help out.”

“It’s awesome,” Hokuto says, sounding breathless, but he puts hands on Jesse’s hips and helps ease him up and down. He can’t take much of the weight from just doing that, but it’s enough to keep Jesse’s thighs from complaining too much for the moment.

“All that dance practice is good for something,” Jesse comments once he’s got a rhythm going.

“Yeah,” Hokuto agrees. He’s looking up at Jesse like Jesse is the only thing that exists, and that is definitely worth the way Jesse’s muscles are already tiring out.

“Don’t take forever, I can’t do this for long,” he warns, then sighs when Hokuto starts pressing kisses to his sternum. Hokuto turns his head to lick at Jesse’s nipple, and Jesse squeezes tight around Hokuto, both of them moaning. Jesse thinks about reaching down to get himself off, but he likes it this way too much, dragging fingers through Hokuto’s hair. He can wait.

“Gonna come,” Hokuto says, fingers digging into Jesse’s hips tighter. Jesse forces his tired legs to keep moving, working Hokuto through his orgasm as Hokuto presses his face against Jesse’s chest and moans into his skin. He hugs Jesse tight around the waist, still shivering. “Mmm, Jesse.”

Jesse tries to stay like that for Hokuto, but it only lasts a minute before he has to push off of him and flop down on his back, wincing as he stretches out his legs. “Next time we should maybe try that before hours of choreography.”

“Nah,” Hokuto collects himself enough to loom over Jesse, leering. “I like having you at my mercy. Be nice,” he warns when Jesse opens his mouth. “And maybe I’ll do something nice for you too.”

Jesse knows when he’s being played, and counters with a pout. “You aren’t gonna take care of me?”

”As if that’s ever happened.” Hokuto rolls his eyes good-naturedly as he slides down to wrap a hand around Jesse’s cock and lick at the tip. He only teases a second, though, before sucking Jesse as far into his mouth as he can.

“Good,” Jesse praises, letting his head fall back. It doesn’t take long since he feels like he’s been hard ages, and Hokuto knowing what he’s doing isn’t just part of their game. He murmurs a lazy warning, but isn’t surprised when Hokuto doesn’t move, just keeps on sucking Jesse off until Jesse spills over his tongue.

“We can still play that way, though, right?” Hokuto asks when they’re cuddled together, too hot to get under the blankets and too lazy to clean up properly anyway. Jesse pats his head clumsily.

“At least until my birthday,” he shrugs. “But don’t worry, it’ll only be a week until you’re older again.”

“I like the sound of that,” Hokuto says, grinning as he steals a kiss.

A few days later, Shintarou gets an eyeful when he sticks his head in the dressing room and finds Hokuto on the couch with Jesse straddling his lap. The back of the couch faces the door, but the way Jesse is rolling his hips might be a touch incriminating.

“Gross, you guys,” Shintarou complains, but his voice says he wasn’t expecting any better. “Other people sit on that thing, you know.”

“We’ve got clothes on,” Hokuto retorts.

“Yeah, we aren’t doing anything like that,” Jesse puts in, giving Shintarou a heavy-lidded gaze. “I’m not old enough for that sort of thing.”

“It’s really messed up you two are still playing that weird game,” Shintarou informs them. “And you’re due in practice room B in ten minutes and I’m totally not covering for you when you’re late.” He lets the door slam behind him as punctuation.

“He’d be a lot less crabby if he let a couple senpai stick it to him,” Jesse says. He looks down at Hokuto, who is scrunching up his face at that idea. “What? Also undo your pants, you heard him, we have ten minutes. Unless you want to go to practice like that?”

“Mirrors though,” Hokuto says wistfully, and Jesse slaps the back of Hokuto’s head. He’s a busy idol, after all, he’s only got the energy for one game at a time.

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