Snowman, Night Date

Title: Night Date [Iwamoto/Sakuma]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Iwamoto proves to Sakuma that vampires can be romantic too.
AN: Set in Kira’s au where vampires and humans go to school together. Based on the fact that Iwamoto and Sakuma totally had this exact all-night date and then had to walk of shame back into work the next day wearing the same clothes. Good job, boys.

Night Date

“You’re not very romantic, huh?” Sakuma says at random, which seems like an abrupt statement since he’s still lounging around naked in Iwamoto’s bed, puncture wounds on his neck fresh enough that Iwamoto is thinking about licking them some more.

Iwamoto raises an eyebrow. “What?”

“For a vampire, I mean,” Sakuma goes on, waving a hand vaguely. “Aren’t they supposed to be romantic? Sweep you off your feet? Gentlemen of the night all of that? You’re supposed to be dashing and make me sigh and woo me.”

“But…” Iwamoto frowns. The point of all that is to get someone into bed, after all, and Sakuma is already in his regularly. Sometimes he even goes to Sakuma’s bed, and given how seldom Sakuma does laundry, Iwamoto thinks that’s very big of him to do. “No one’s ever complained before. Not that there is anyone else to complain,” Iwamoto adds quickly when Sakuma’s eyes narrow.

“Your powers work on everyone else, though,” Sakuma points out. He rolls over onto his back. “Not that you need to do that sort of stuff to me anyway, but…”

“But?” Iwamoto prompts when Sakuma doesn’t seem like he’s going to finish his sentence.

Sakuma rolls over, back facing Iwamoto, but then reaches backwards to tug Iwamoto closer, pulling Iwamoto’s arm over his waist. “I guess maybe being swept away sounds kind of nice, once in a while.”

Iwamoto thinks about that as he buries his face against Sakuma’s neck and licks at the healing wounds, feeling Sakuma shiver against his chest.

The next night Sakuma stays late at the library, trying to catch up on schoolwork, and it’s already dark before he leaves, muffling yawns with the back of his hand. Head full of the math he was struggling with, Sakuma bumps right into Iwamoto before he notices the vampire is blocking his path.

“Oh!” Sakuma’s surprise melts into a smile. “What are you doing here?”

“Sweeping you away,” Iwamoto says, and then he grabs Sakuma’s hand in his and marches off, dragging Sakuma along. Sakuma stumbles the first few steps before he starts to keep pace. Iwamoto glances down out of the corner of his eye and sees that Sakuma is smiling a little, just at the corner of his mouth.

The all-night entertainment complex catches Sakuma by surprise, and Iwamoto feels smug the whole time he’s getting them checked in. There’s tons of stuff to do, more than enough to keep them busy all night. They try the batting cages first, and then the bowling alley. Iwamoto treats Sakuma to a meal when his energy starts to flag a little, and then they head to the relative privacy of a karaoke both so that they can sit down for a bit and Iwamoto can eat something as well.

“Mmm,” Sakuma purrs, arms around Iwamoto’s neck and settled squarely in Iwamoto’s lap. Iwamoto hums back against Sakuma’s skin, T-shirt tugged to the side so that he could bite a little lower than usual, where Sakuma’s shirt will hide the marks. They aren’t done for the night, after all. Sakuma’s voice is fuzzy with pleasure, but still coherent. “What brought all this on?”

Iwamoto lifts his head, licking away the blood on his lower lip, not wanting any of Sakuma’s taste to escape. “You said you wanted a date, right? That’s what you meant.”

“Yeah, but…” Sakuma lets one of his hands flop vaguely. “All this, though?”

“So I can’t do normal date stuff with you,” Iwamoto says. “I can’t watch a sunset with you or take you to the beach to tan or have a picnic and nap together in the sun. But I can do plenty of other stuff. You know, if that’s what you want.”

Sakuma’s smile is slow and beautiful, Iwamoto glad his vision is sharp to see it clearly even in the dim light of the karaoke booth.

“Thank you,” he says. “I’m having a great time. But mostly I’m just happy to be with you. Even doing normal stuff is okay.”

“But you said–” Iwamoto starts, interrupted by Sakuma kissing him firmly. When he pulls back, Iwamoto just blinks at him in confusion.

“Sometimes I want to be spoiled by you,” Sakuma explains. “Sometimes I just want proof that you’re paying attention to me. Not always. But sometimes.”

Iwamoto thinks about that for a second, then nods. Sakuma meets his vampire needs, after all. Even if he doesn’t get them, he can try to meet Sakuma’s human needs, it’s only fair. Sakuma’s smile turns a little softer, focused only on Iwamoto.

After another couple kisses, Sakuma is squirming, trying to get away, but Iwamoto uses his strength to lock arms around Sakuma’s waist and hold him in place. Sakuma can be slippery when he wants too, though, and when he starts whining for real, Iwamoto lets him plop back to the seat beside him.

“I do actually want to do karaoke,” Sakuma says, already reaching for the book. He shoves a tambourine into Iwamoto’s hands, and Iwamoto doesn’t even try to argue.

An hour before dawn, they’re almost home on the train, Sakuma leaning heavily against Iwamoto’s shoulder. Iwamoto expects him to fall asleep the moment he gets Sakuma into bed, but as soon as Iwamoto crawls in too, Sakuma is pushing him down flat on his back and climbing on top.

“Aren’t you tired?” Iwamoto asks. They did have an all-night date. “You were asleep on me practically the whole way back.”

“How else am I supposed to snuggle with you on the train?” Sakuma asks innocently, making Iwamoto laugh. “I’d be a pretty terrible boyfriend if I didn’t thank you properly, right?” He tugs his shirt over his head, humming happily when Iwamoto runs hands up his bare sides, fingers lingering in the rise and fall of Sakuma’s ribs.

Iwamoto rolls his hips up into Sakuma, and they both groan even though their jeans are still on, reluctant to separate to fix that small problem. Finally Iwamoto takes Sakuma by the hips and physically lifts him up, dropping him to the side.

“Clothes off,” he orders, putting some power behind it out of habit. Sakuma just laughs at him, but he obeys, stripping off the rest of his clothes with a speed that rivals even Iwamoto’s. He’s trying to sit up by the time Iwamoto grabs the lube from the bedside table, but Iwamoto plants a hand in the center of Sakuma’s chest and pushes him right back down.

“Just hurry up,” Sakuma orders, yawning. He bends his knees, feet flat on the bed to expose himself to Iwamoto. “I want you.”

“Impatient,” Iwamoto says, his growl making Sakuma shiver. He coats his fingers and pushes the first one in, going slowly even when Sakuma pushes up into the touch immediately. He’s so responsive, so warm, and Iwamoto drinks in the sight greedily as he urges Sakuma’s body to open up for him. He leans down to lick at the tip of Sakuma’s cock, and Sakuma moans his name.

When Iwamoto tugs his fingers free and kneels between Sakuma’s legs, he’s caught entirely by surprise when Sakuma sits up suddenly and shoves him backwards, pouncing on him so that Sakuma ends up on top in his original position.

“I want to do it like this,” he says, and Iwamoto lets his hands fall back to the mattress in surrender. Sakuma usually gets his way in the end, vampire powers or not. He doesn’t seem like he needs any help from Iwamoto as Sakuma strokes Iwamoto’s cock firmly, then holds him steady by the base to sink down onto it with a low moan.

Iwamoto echoes his moan more softly, hands coming up to rub at Sakuma’s thighs. They’re trembling with the effort of holding Sakuma up, the fine shake barely perceptible to even Iwamoto’s senses. A delicate pink flush is working its way down from Sakuma’s neck over his chest, and Iwamoto licks his lips at the thought of Sakuma’s sweet blood rushing under his skin.

Sakuma sets his own rhythm, rolling his hips and looking down at Iwamoto like Iwamoto isn’t the only person thinking about eating somebody up. His hands cover Iwamoto’s on his hips, squeezing them until Iwamoto shifts to lace their fingers together. Iwamoto takes some of Sakuma’s weight with the strength of his hands, making it easier for him to move as he pleases.

It’s so good, Sakuma hot and slick around his cock, but eventually the sight above him is too much to resist. Iwamoto sits up, wrapping arms tight around Sakuma’s waist, pressing his mouth against Sakuma’s chest. Sakuma tastes like salt, the rush of his blood pulsing faintly against Iwamoto’s tongue.

“Close,” Sakuma says, bringing his hands up to stroke through Iwamoto’s hair. He tilts his own head back, baring his throat. “Come on, already.”

It’s all the invitation Iwamoto needs. Kissing the spot he wants, nestled right in the curve of Sakuma’s neck, Iwamoto sinks his fangs in and shudders all over at the first taste of blood. Sakuma’s fingers tighten in Iwamoto’s hair as he shivers all over from pleasure. Iwamoto works a hand in between to wrap around Sakuma’s cock, and it only takes him a few strokes to push Sakuma over the edge for his release. Iwamoto groans helplessly when the rush of endorphins hits Sakuma’s bloodstream, changing its flavor to something fleeting and breathtaking.

Sakuma moans Iwamoto’s name in a jumble of syllables, and Iwamoto comes too, clutching Sakuma as tightly as he dares.

As careful as he is, there are still finger marks on Sakuma’s hip when they’re sprawled out horizontally. Iwamoto traces them with a frown while Sakuma cuddles closer and mumbles something vague, still fuzzy.

“Don’ worry ’bout it,” Sakuma insists, trying to bat Iwamoto’s hand away. “Felt good.”

Iwamoto says nothing. Sakuma’s hand settles on top of his, squeezing.

“I like your strength,” Sakuma tells him quietly. When Iwamoto lifts his head to meet Sakuma’s eyes, they’re starting to clear and focused only on him. “I like your weird dates.”

Iwamoto’s mouth quirks in a small smile, and if he had a heart, it would be beating pretty fast. “You like me?”

“Exactly.” Sakuma pokes him in the chest. “See, you can be romantic if you try. It’s barely creepy at all.”

“You’re a jerk,” Iwamoto says. He lets Sakuma kiss him anyway.

“You’re a vampire,” Sakuma reminds. “But don’t let it get you down. We can always have night dates.”

Narrowing his eyes, Iwamoto digs his fingers into Sakuma’s side and gets revenge the best way he knows how: vampires aren’t ticklish, but humans sure are.

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