Baka6, Not All Progress is Positive

Title: Not All Progress is Positive [Shintarou/Jesse]
Summary: Jesse had needs, and Shintarou does not want to fill them.
AN: Written for Shiritori.

Not All Progress is Positive

“Eyebrows,” the stylist says, and Shintarou heaves a sigh like he’s just been asked to redo choreo ten minutes before showtime. Unimpressed, the stylist thwaps the end of his nose with her makeup brush. “Grow up, Morimoto-kun. Those bushy monstrosities might have been cute when you were twelve, but it’s time to look like a real idol. You don’t see Jesse-kun making a face like that.”

Shintarou turns his head to give Jesse a narrow look, but Jesse only beams back from the next makeup chair, his own stylist cooing at him like he’s the prize purebred in today’s dog show. The irony isn’t lost on Shintarou.

“Would you relax,” Jesse says carelessly when he’s sprawled across a prop couch for their duo photoshoot. “What is up your butt today?”

“Nothing!” Shintarou snaps, rolling his eyes. He tries to smooth his expression back out so the photographer won’t yell at them anymore, but it’s harder than usual. Jesse chuckles, and Shintarou’s mouth pinches. “And don’t you dare suggest that something should be or I’ll break your cute little hafu nose.”

“So violent, Shin-chan.” Jesse flops backwards, his head landing square in Shintarou’s lap. He grins up at Shintarou when the photographer yells that’s perfect, not to move. “But you know, soon we’re gonna be the last two the others shouldn’t fool around with. Don’t you think maybe getting used to it now would be better? We could work up to it slower.”

“Work up to what?” Shintarou demands indignantly.

Jesse just blinks up at him, deadpan. “I have needs, Shin-chan.”

“Ugh, get off!” Shintarou shoves Jesse off of his lap and sends him crashing to the floor, ignoring the snapped reprimand from the photographer that this is exactly how people end up with casts. Jesse’s snickering, so Shintarou knows he’s fine. “I quit my unit!” he hollers to anybody listening. “I’m debuting solo!”

The other five just laugh, Jesse from the floor, Kouchi and Juri feeding each other bites of a parfait while Hokuto pins Taiga against the wall. Shintarou vows that when he becomes Prime Minister, he will outlaw Duet and declare all its staff as public enemies.

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