SixTONES, Birds of a Feather

Title: Birds of a Feather [Jesse/Kouchi]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Jesse and Kouchi don’t always fit perfectly together, but it’s fine so long as they’re together.
AN: I tried to get Jesse and Kouchi to go somewhere, but nope. They just wanted to cuddle.

Birds of a Feather

On the very first try, pretty much everything went wrong. Jesse sat up too quick when Kouchi leaned down for a kiss, banging their heads together, Kouchi was so nervous his hands wouldn’t stop shaking, and neither one of them had the sense to open the condom before their hands were slick with lube. But then Jesse had started snickering, and Kouchi had joined in, and then they were both cracking up at themselves.

“Sorry for making a mess of this,” Kouchi had said when they were in a limp tangle on their sides, all the tension gone and sides sore from laughing.

“You never could,” Jesse promised. His eyes fluttered half-shut when Kouchi reached over to brush fingers through his hair. “Try again? Your hands stopped shaking.”

“I’ve got a better idea, actually.” Kouchi smiled, then grabbed Jesse’s arm and rolled over so that it was him on his back with Jesse over top of him. “What do you think?”

“Me?” Jesse blinked, then blushed, a cute pink strip creeping over his nose. “Are you okay with…that? I mean, I know BL rules are fake and all that, but me?”

“You.” Kouchi pulled Jesse down by the back of the neck for a kiss this time, much safer than their earlier attempt. “Definitely you.”

That was ages ago, and they’ve done it so many times since then that neither of them could even guess how many (although Kouchi surely knows how many times they’ve been walked in on in compromising situations, much to his embarrassment). They’ve certainly gotten better at it over time, but Kouchi likes best the parts that don’t change so much: lying in a spent tangle with Jesse, laughing until their sides are sore.

“It’s so comfortable,” Kouchi said, sprawled out on his stomach, Jesse next to him with one arm and one leg thrown over Kouchi.

“What?” Jesse asked lazily. “Not that I’m not enjoying myself, but between the two of us we have about thirteen elbows.”

“No, with you, I meant.” Kouchi dragged his fingers through Jesse’s mussed hair, getting an appreciative murmur out of Jesse. “Being with you. Maybe our elbows don’t fit together so well, but the rest of us is pretty good, I think.”

“Are you trying to be sweet? It’s kind of weird.” Jesse pushed himself up to be nose to nose with Kouchi, his grin warm and mischievous. “But I like it.”

“You’re kind of weird,” Kouchi retorted, grinning back. “But I like you.”

“Good to hear.” Jesse hummed as Kouchi pressed a kiss to the beauty mark beside Jesse’s nose, then drifted over to another one, lips dragging across his cheek. “Because it’d be totally weird to do it so often with somebody you didn’t like.”

Laughing, Jesse rolled them over so that he was on his back with Kouchi over top of him.

Kouchi had no objections. “Guess it’s all settled then.”

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