SixTONES, Eternal Kouhai

Title: Eternal Kouhai
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Shintarou will always be group baby in Kouchi’s eyes.
AN: Greetings from Team 3 leader!! Sorry it took me a couple days, I’m currently in the middle of driving down to my summer grad class, but I did manage to write some dweeby SixTONES fic, as I do. Anyway, magic birthday soon! Kouchi is distressed about it.

Eternal Kouhai

“Okay, okay, break it up,” Kouchi says when he comes into the dressing room to find Hokuto pressing Shintarou against the wall. They’re just making out a little, nothing that scandalous, but Kouchi uses his hands to shoo Hokuto off like he’s a fly or something.

“Early birthday present,” Hokuto explains, giving Shintarou a wink which is so sleazy it’s kind of adorable. Shintarou laughs at him, not even a little embarrassed. When he turns to Kouchi, his grin is just as easy as his laugh, wide and full of mischief.

“Don’t I get an early present from you too?” he asks, already reaching for Kouchi’s wrist.

“No no no no,” Kouchi protests, struggling a little. Shintarou’s hands are too strong, though, like usual, as he reels Kouchi in and kisses him soundly on the cheek. “Hey! You aren’t legal yet!”

That makes Shintarou crack up, laughter buzzing against Kouchi’s cheek, making Kouchi laugh from the tickle of it as he pushes Shintarou away. “I’m close enough, don’t you think?”

“Nooooo,” Kouchi repeats, giving Shintarou a showy pout. “You’re group baby! I’m not ready!”

“Not ready?!” Hokuto demands, looking back over his shoulder from where he’s stripping his shirt off. “He’s looked twenty-five for the last two years, how can you not be ready?”

“I don’t care, he’s still my cute kouhai.” Kouchi reaches up to pat Shintarou’s head as if he were still a whole head shorter, bowlcut and all. “And you always will be.”

“Hey, hey!” Shintarou protests, all mock outrage. “Are you trying to tell me I’ll never get birthday kisses out of you?” But then the pout disappears and it’s obvious how much Shintarou plans to act like group baby until he’s at least forty-five. “Well, I guess it’s okay so long as you listen to all my problems and always buy me food.”

“Deal,” Kouchi agrees. This time when Shintarou grabs him, Kouchi lets the brat hug him as long and as tight as he wants.

That’s his responsibility as group mama, after all.

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