SixTONES, Brown-Eyed Monster

Title: Brown-Eyed Monster [Juri/Shintarou]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Juri’s jealous, even though he doesn’t have to be.
AN: I kept trying to get this to go somewhere but it just wouldn’t. Based loosely on the fact that in Shounentachi, Taiga and Juri’s scene at the end is all about about them hooking up, and then Taiga said last day that they ‘have two kids and are very happy.’

Brown-Eyed Monster

Reading his book and waiting for Shintarou to come back from the bath, Juri feels entirely relaxed. Shintarou’s bed is comfortable and smells familiarly of the Morimoto’s laundry detergent and Shintarou himself, plus the weather has finally cooled off enough to make cuddling under the blankets a pleasant possibility.

Finally, Juri thinks as he turns a page. Shintarou radiates heat like an over-clocked laptop, and even though it doesn’t stop Juri from encouraging all manner of sweaty acts, it’s still a relief when Shintarou’s heating powers are welcome rather than being an annoyance.

Speak of the devil, Shintarou comes in just then, sweat pants and worn T-shirt every bit as familiar to Juri as the smell of his sheets, and he murmurs a hello without exactly looking up from his reading. A small smile curls the edge of Juri’s mouth as the mattress dips beside him, then a strong arm curls over his waist, and then Shintarou is a warm line all along Juri’s back, from neck to ankles.

Juri expects Shintarou’s hand to wander any moment, under his shirt or down into his boxers, but he’s mildly surprised when Shintarou only cuddles against him, nuzzling cutely at Juri’s neck.

“What’re you being so cute for?” Juri asks mildly. Shintarou’s answer is indistinct, huffed against Juri’s neck. Another minute goes by without any further answer before Juri tosses his book over the edge of the bed and rolls to come nose-to-nose with Shintarou. This close, Shintarou’s brown eyes have little flecks of lighter brown, his eyelashes almost ridiculously long when he blinks, and Juri never tires of looking at them or having them focused on him. “Something up?”

“Nah,” Shintarou murmurs, brushing their noses together. His hands are restless on Juri’s back, though, one tracing the bumps of Juri’s spine and the other twiddling pieces of Juri’s T-shirt between his fingers.

“Liar,” Juri accuses fondly. He has an idea of what it’s about, actually. “Is it because of me and Taiga ad-libbing? Feeling jealous?”

“That’s ridiculous,” Shintarou tells him. “As if he’s got enough energy left over from Jesse to fool around with you.”

“It’s okay to be jealous. It would only be natural,” Juri assures. Shintarou snorts, the puff of air warm across Juri’s cheek. Juri puts a hand up to Shintarou’s forehead as if taking his temperature. “Ahh, just as I thought, jealousy.”

“Stop that,” Shintarou laughs, arms sliding around Juri’s waist to pull him in even closer, as close as they can be. Juri’s eyes flutter shut as Shintarou kisses him thoroughly, slowly, and doesn’t stop until Juri has basically forgotten what they’re even talking about. “I’m the only one who gets to do that, right?”

“Hmm?” Juri opens his eyes and finds Shintarou’s gaze focused on him, only him. “Yeah.”

“See?” Shintarou traces the bumps of Juri’s spine one by one by one. “It’s stupid to be jealous when you’re all mine.”

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