Prince, Social Capital

Title: Social Capital [Prince]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Kishi manages to find the one thing gayer than spending the night in a hotel room with Genki and Jinguji.
AN: During Sexy Zone’s concerts where Prince and 4Stones were backing, two concurrent stories came out during MCs: 1. Kishi spent the night in Shori’s single room despite being assigned a room with Genki/Jinguji and despite Shori refusing to let Sou stay over, and 2. Juri went into Shori’s shower as a prank and said that Shori tried to cover himself up with his hand and…couldn’t. “I totally lost to that guy.”

So I’m pretty sure Genki and Jinguji didn’t let Kishi hear the end of all that for quite some time.

Social Capital

Sandwiched between his two bandmates in their tiny dressing room is usually a perfectly pleasant place to be on tour, but Kishi at the moment is not nearly as amused as Jinguji and Genki are about the entire MC incident.

Bad enough that somehow the topic had come around to Kishi sharing a room with Shori—that had just happened, okay, whatever—but Juri’s subsequent story about breaking into Shori’s shower and realizing just how ‘superior’ Shori has had Jinguji giggling about it for the entire night.

“Seriously,” Kishi punches Jinguji in the shoulder hard enough to make him sway. “Get over it, huh? You even knew the story before! It’s not that hilarious.”

“Dude, dude,” Jinguji can hardly talk for laughing. “You know thanks to Juri now everybody in that audience knows you shared a bed with the guy with the biggest dick on this tour, right?”

“Stooooop iiiiiiit,” Kishi groans. “Who even cares!”

“Like everybody probably knows by now,” Jinguji just keeps going, because he is an asshole, but the worst part is, he’s right. “That shit went straight to Twitter. Girls on other continents know!”

“By the end of this tour nobody’s going to call you the token straight guy in this group anymore,” Genki puts in without looking away from the mirror.

“I AM STILL ACTUALLY THE ONLY STRAIGHT GUY IN THE GROUP,” Kishi roars, causing both Genki and Jinguji to break down into laughter. Kishi bangs his head on the low table a couple times. “Ugh, you two are the biggest dicks on this tour. That’s the last time I try to give you some privacy!”

“You don’t need to do that at all,” Genki chuckles, finally turning away from the mirror to drop on the floor next to Kishi. He sticks his hand between Kishi’s head and the table so that Kishi’s forehead slaps into his palm instead. “Jin-chan and I have plenty of time together. Don’t you think it’d be more fun to hang out together in the hotel?”

Kishi turns his head, cheek now resting on Genki’s palm, and raises an eyebrow. “What?”

“Unless being with us is too gay for your image.” Genki winks cutely. “But then again we’re your unit so I’m not sure that’s salvageable.”

“Ugh, okay, okay.” Kishi just gives in; it seems easier. “But take me out for dinner first at least, damn.”

“Of course!” Jin snorts, flopping against Kishi’s other side. “What kind of boyfriends do you think we are?”

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