SixTONES, Water Conservation Week

Title: Water Conservation Week [Jesse/Juri]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: They don’t need an excuse, but Juri thinks Jesse’s are cute anyway.
AN: Set loosely after “Not Someday But Now” where Jesse takes absolutely forever to confess to Juri.

Water Conservation Week

Not that they need an excuse to share a shower nowadays, but the flimsy excuses Jesse finds it necessary to announce as he’s slipping into Juri’s stall (“Oops they’re all full! We’ll have to share!” “I pulled my shoulder, can you help me wash my hair!” “It’s water conservation week!”) always makes Juri snicker quietly, muffled by the noise of the water.

“You’re only drawing more attention to yourself,” Juri says, looking over his shoulder.

“Shush, you,” Jesse says, turning him by the shoulders until they were face to face. “I’m defending your reputation.”

“What?” Juri laughs. “That’s the most useless hobby you could have…” The rest of whatever he was going to say fades away as Jesse leans in to kiss him.

The kissing is still new enough to flutter pleasantly in Juri’s stomach, his cheeks warming when Jesse cups his palms around them, his skin tingling a little where water hits it. Jesse pushes Juri back against the wall, making Juri hiss at the cold, but after a second he melts into it, warm enough from the steam and Jesse pressing against his front. Jesse kisses like he thinks he still has to win Juri over, attentive and thorough, thumbs stroking Juri’s cheekbones and teasing licks of his tongue.

When the kiss breaks and Juri opens his eyes, Jesse’s cheeks are cutely pink, tiny water droplets clinging to his eyelashes.

“Damn, you’re cute,” Juri says, making Jesse’s blush deepen. “Why weren’t we doing this years ago?”

“I foolishly tested out girls for a while.” Jesse rolls his eyes a little, like how dumb. He kisses Juri’s cheek, then nuzzles the wet hair at Juri’s temple. “You’re way prettier.”

“Weirdo,” Juri says, tilting his head to encourage Jesse to kiss down his jaw.

“Also I like your dick.”

“Jesse!” Juri snorts, then turns his head to whisper in Jesse’s ear that he really likes Jesse’s dick too.

Before he can do anything about it, though, Shintarou’s head is poking into the shower stall.

“Will you two hurry it up already?” he demands, rolling his eyes. “We wouldn’t need water conservation week if you two would quit fooling around and do it.”

“Yeah, you already cancelled dinner with me yesterday, come on!” Hokuto’s voice says from behind Shintarou’s shoulder.

“Okay, okay,” Jesse sighs, pushing Shintarou’s head back out. “Would you voyeurs get out of here? Ugh.” Shintarou goes, laughing and teasing Hokuto as their footsteps patter away. “To be continued, I guess.”

Juri steals one more kiss and makes it count, slow and sweet. “I bet you’ll make it worth the wait.”

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