Snow Man, Winding Down

Title: Winding Down [Miyadate/Watanabe]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Concert weekends are great, but Miyadate getting Watanabe in his own bed is better.
AN: Date/Nabesho being sweet and sexy together, based loosely on the fact that the end of the Kisumai concerts have a huge water wheel thingy and everybody gets drenched and *some* people probably need taken care of.

Winding Down

“Heater, mmmm,” Watanabe said, pressing happily up against Miyadate. Miyadate hummed an affirmative, patting Watanabe’s shoulder vaguely without looking away from his phone, where he was killing out his backlog of emails. “Concerts are fun, right? But afterwards being in my own bed is nice.”

Miyadate looked away from his phone to raise his eyebrow. “This is my bed.”

“Aw, that’s the same thing.” Watanabe grinned when Miyadate snorted. “C’mon, put that down and cuddle me properly, I’m still cold.”

“That’s because you have 3% body fat and refuse to wear pajamas,” Miyadate grumbled with affection, but he tossed his phone aside. Rolling more on his side, he rubbed at Watanabe’s back with both hands. Watanabe all but purred, tucked up against Miyadate’s chest as tightly as possible. “It’s still like 30 degrees outside in the middle of the night, and you’re cold.”

“Be nice to me, our stupid senpai poured water on us for an entire encore. Tono’s bad enough, huh? Who do they think they are?”

Miyadate was unlikely to forget it. It was fun and all, or at least Kitayama and Sakuma had enough fun for everybody, but Miyadate could have done without it since it always ended with everybody sopping wet and stripping backstage, everyone shivering with the sudden chill of being out of the stage lights. He could have done without Sakuma slipping in the puddles they couldn’t help dripping all over and without Abe handing out towels rather than drying himself off. Miyadate rubbed Watanabe’s skin harder even though he was probably warm now, remembering how he’d been ice cold when he snuck a kiss from Miyadate in the scaffolding.

“That feels nice,” Watanabe sighed, pulling Miyadate out of his thoughts. He stretched up to press a kiss along the edge of Miyadate’s jaw. “But quit clenching your teeth like that. Relax, huh? Everybody went home safe this weekend too.”

Miyadate huffed a sigh, trying to let go of the tension. “Sorry.”

“It’s cute when you worry, at least.” Watanabe kissed Miyadate’s jaw again, then the corner of his mouth. “Hey, I know what would relax you.”

“You do, huh?” Miyadate asked, tilting his head back so Watanabe would kiss more of his neck. “What, is two concerts a weekend not enough to tire you out?”

“Only one night in the hotel, though!” Watanabe protested. “Only person tired out from that is Abe-chan, and that’s ’cause he’s stuck with Sakuma.”

“Yeah? Who were you stuck with?”

“Ryota!” Watanabe laughed.

“And why didn’t that guy tire you out enough, huh?” Miyadate went on, flopping over onto his back and stretching. “That slacker better pull it together, no telling who you’ll get to entertain you on tour with a cute face like that.” Miyadate reached up palm Watanabe’s cheek, thumb stroking along the sharp edge of his cheekbone.

“Seriously, Ryota.” Watanabe leaned over Miyadate, rubbing his cheek against Miyadate’s palm. “You dweeb. Want me to take care of you? Distract you from your worries.”

“You don’t have to,” Miyadate said. He slid his hand up to to rub Watanabe’s piercings between his fingers. “It’ll take a while and we should sleep.”

“I don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow.” Watanabe leaned in close enough to brush their lips together, eyes still open. “And I like taking my time with you.”

“Suit yourself,” Miyadate agreed, a soft smile answering Watanabe’s pleased grin. Besides, staying on his back sounded pretty good. Letting Watanabe have his way wasn’t exactly a hardship when his way involved running his hands and lips over as much of Miyadate as he could reach. Miyadate hummed in pleasure at the nip to his shoulder and the skim of Watanabe’s fingers over his ribs, two of his sensitive spots.

Watanabe slid steadily down Miyadate’s body, trailing wet open-mouthed kisses. Nestled between Miyadate’s thighs, he licked at the rim of Miyadate’s navel, and Miyadate bit down on a surprised groan.

“Shh,” Watanabe teased. “Not in a hotel anymore, you know.”

“Come on already,” Miyadate encouraged. He pushed his hips up against Watanabe’s weight, but Watanabe only continued licking at the sensitive rim of his bellybutton in imitation of where this was going. “Nnnnngh.”

“Am I this cute when you tease me?” Watanabe asked, but clearly it was a rhetorical question, since he turned his head to nibble Miyadate’s hip before he had any chance of forming an answer. “Mm, you taste good.”

Watanabe’s teasing was to a purpose, making Miyadate impatient enough that he pushed into Watanabe’s first gentle touches to his rim. He wasn’t exactly easy for the first finger, but he was relaxed and willing, and he trusted Watanabe. Eventually Watanabe worked from one finger to two to three, and Miyadate’s fingers curled in the sheets every time Watanabe curled his fingers.

“Ready?” Watanabe asked, chuckling at Miyadate’s hissed yes. “Mm, roll over for me?”

Miyadate pushed himself up on shaking arms to claim one more kiss from Watanabe before he obeyed, the kiss messy and breathless, his fingers tangling in Watanabe’s mussed curls in the same way as they’d been twisted in the sheets a moment ago. Watanabe hummed appreciation and didn’t try to rush him, and soon enough Miyadate broke the kiss and settled on his elbows and knees.

He made an exasperated noise when Watanabe didn’t take him right away, the only touches the brush of Watanabe’s fingers over the small of his back, and a kiss first to the top of his left ass cheek, then his right. Gritting his teeth, Miyadate slid his knees just a bit further apart, digging in his elbows. “Shota…”

“Hmm?” Watanabe asked, fingers now sliding down the backs of Miyadate’s thighs. The touch would have been ticklish if Miyadate hadn’t been about to go out of his skin with want. “Mm, these are so nice. And your butt is so cute, so you look really good like this.”

“Shota!” Miyadate snapped, as loud as he dared. “Come on, please?”

“Yeah, I know.” Watanabe’s hands migrated back up to Miyadate’s ass, spreading him open, and a moment later there was the feeling of Watanabe’s cock, finally pushing into him. Miyadate closed his eyes and gritted his teeth against the hissed breath, not wanting Watanabe to hear and stop. It stung a little, but it felt so good too, the heat of Watanabe’s skin as he curled down against Miyadate’s back, the curl of Watanabe’s arm around his waist and the press of his lips against Miyadate’s spine.

For a moment when Watanabe held still, it was all Miyadate could do to breathe, shivers working over his skin.

Then Watanabe was moving, hips steady and deep, and Miyadate made a blind grab for the pillow to try and muffle the noises he couldn’t exactly help. Maybe it wasn’t as sweet or intimate as face-to-face, but this way was all about how good Watanabe could make Miyadate feel, like he’d promised. This way they fit together so that Watanabe only had to pull Miyadate’s hips up just a little to get the angle right, the depth more important than the speed of it. This way he could drive Miyadate absolutely crazy if he didn’t touch his cock right away, since Miyadate hadn’t ever come just from being fucked.

Miyadate didn’t bother trying to rush Watanabe; he’d do what he wanted whenever he was good and ready to do it. Instead Miyadate just gave into his feelings, lust and heat twisted up in how familiar and safe Watanabe’s hands felt, how much he loved Watanabe’s skin bare against his own, sweat-slick and easy. Watanabe was so deep inside him, and all of it wound up tighter and tighter inside Miyadate, with no outlet, like an engine being revved with the brake held down. Every part of Miyadate was tense and trembling with it, ready, so ready.

That’s when Watanabe finally slid his hand down from Miyadate’s stomach to curl around his cock and finally all that energy had somewhere to pour into as he fucked himself helplessly between Watanabe’s cock and fist. Coming this was way was so sharp and bright it almost hurt but somehow was all pleasure instead, body squeezing helplessly around Watanabe and arching up against him as Miyadate shuddered himself out.

For a long moment, all Miyadate could do was pant for air and shiver with aftershocks, elbows and knees locked, not entirely sure which way was up or down. Watanabe was still hard inside him, and even just breathing made them shift enough for aftershocks to blossom from inside Miyadate out.

“You gonna live?” Watanabe murmured near Miyadate’s ear.

“Not sure yet,” Miyadate answered, voice gruff. Vaguely he hoped he hadn’t been as loud as the scratchiness of his throat hinted that he might have been. “I can…”

“Shh, stay still, I’m good,” Watanabe told him, arm sliding back up to the firm hold around Miyadate’s waist. They’d found out early on that pulling out of Miyadate too quickly after he came was not a good idea, but Watanabe’s patience when he hadn’t come himself yet was always mildly surprising to Miyadate. “You tell me when, but I’ll definitely know if you’re lying so don’t bother.”

“I’m…” Miyadate started to say, but then another aftershock made him clench tightly enough that Watanabe hummed.

“Uh-huh.” Watanabe kissed the top of his spine, the curve of his shoulder. “No rush. You look so good this way, I don’t mind at all.”

Sooner than he would have liked, Miyadate’s arms started to tremble from holding him up, and his thighs would have been doing the same if they weren’t tucked in against the front of Watanabe’s. Holding his hips steady, Watanabe carefully pulled out and helped roll Miyadate back to his original sprawl on his back. Watanabe raised an eyebrow when Miyadate bent a knee to offer himself back to Watanabe.

“Really?” Watanabe asked.

“Yeah, come on.” It might be a little much, Miyadate knew, but he wanted Watanabe close, and he wouldn’t last long anyway, plainly. “I want to be able to see you this time.”

“Yeah,” Watanabe agreed, trusting Miyadate at his word. He got his knees under him and leaned down first for Miyadate to get arms around his neck this time, even if that meant there was some shuffling before Watanabe could get himself lined up correctly. Miyadate didn’t mind, not when he could bury his face against Watanabe’s neck and cling as he shivered from the overstimulation. The most unpleasantly sensitive part was his rim anyway, so he could relax once Watanabe got most of the way back inside.

“I’m okay,” he reassured, barely even lying. The small discomfort of it was easy to ignore when he could run hands down Watanabe’s back, down to take his ass in a firm two-handed grip and urge him to speed up, go deeper. “I want you to feel good too.”

“Ryota, I feel so fucking good.” Watanabe laughed softly, mostly air puffing against Miyadate’s ear. “Making you lose it is the best.”

“Okay okay,” Miyadate urged him on. Sometimes the sweet junk that Watanabe spouted during sex sounded just a little too good, and getting interested again this quick was not a good plan at all. But then again, two could play that game. “Just come already. I want to feel you.”

Watanabe didn’t take long after that, all his patience used up earlier. Sliding his arms down underneath Miyadate’s back, Watanabe held on tightly, and Miyadate clung tightly in return, pressing fingers in deeply enough that he was probably leaving nail marks. Watanabe only moaned more sweetly as he drove himself as deep inside Miyadate as he could and came. Miyadate could feel Watanabe shivering with it along the whole length of their bodies, shivering along with him empathetically.

Eventually Watanabe managed to pick his face up off of Miyadate’s chest and grin at him hazily. His cheeks were flushed, brown eyes dark, hair wild and sweat-damp. Miyadate’s chest squeezed tight with just how much he loved this idiot and all of his bad ideas.

“Where’s the tech water wheel to wash us off now, huh?” Miyadate asked, smoothing some of Watanabe’s hair out of his face. It flopped right back down. His own was probably worse, longer and smashed against pillows.

“You’re better than concerts anyway,” Watanabe told him, so casually sweet that Miyadate’s breath caught. Watanabe pillowed his cheek on the back of his hand, eyes slipping half-closed. “I’d rather have you than a hundred concerts.”

Miyadate had to swallow hard before he could manage to answer, “Me too. Good thing we don’t have to choose.”

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  • By Jin, 2018.01.08 @ 3:35 pm

    Why is this so sweet, hot, and poetic at the same time?? >w< D'aww they're adorbs!

    “You gonna live?” <— Ahahaha Nabesho why are you so witty? XD

    “I’d rather have you than a hundred concerts.” <– GAHH

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