AftS!, Euphonic Change

Title: Euphonic Change [Sato/Asakawa]
Rating/Warnings: Uh, wow. SEIGAKU? PG-13 for the drippy uke.
Summary: Asakawa likes Kenji.
AN: I harrassed prillalar until she gave the boys names, and then i abused them mercilessly. ahahahaha. “Euphonic Change”, if you want to know, is when you say words too much in a language and they change over time to be easier to say.

Euphonic Change

“Oh god,” Sato says weakly, and Asakawa smiles as he wipes his cheek with the back of his hand.

Because seriously, he thinks as he licks his hand and Sato’s eyes get very wide, if Sato is going to be shocked by Asakawa cleaning himself up he should just give in and let him swallow already. Obviously if you jerk a guy’s head back at the last second, it’s going to go all over.

He’s reaching up to see if there’s any in his hair when Sato grabs him by the wrist and yanks him forward, pulling Asakawa down against his chest and kissing him, messy and affectionate. Asakawa melts happily into the attention, sliding arms around Sato’s neck and wriggling closer when Sato’s fingers stray over his hip. Asakawa is still hard, but he doesn’t mind; he likes the kissing just as much as the touching, and likes it best of all when he uses the tip of his tongue to tickle the underside of Sato’s and Sato jerks and curses into his mouth.

Asakawa props himself up his elbows as Sato breaks the kiss and lets his head flop back against the pillows. Sato’s eyes are closed and his breathing is unsteady, and when Asakawa leans over to sink teeth lightly into Sato’s collarbone, Sato asks him to hang on for a minute and calls him ‘Keisuke.’

It makes Asakawa smile and wriggle more, and he wonders if it does the same thing to Sato when he says ‘Kenji.’ Certainly he likes saying it. It feels good on his tongue, the sharp edge of the K and the breathy E, short, compact. But not too short, like Yuu, which admittedly is fun to moan but causes lots of trouble in English class.

Asakawa swings his feet back and forth a little in the air and ponders. Tetsu’s short too, but the syllables are too much the same, so when Asakawa’s out of breath he always ends up gasping either just ‘te’ or ‘tsu’ and both sound ridiculous. The same thing happens with Sakuya, but Tsukada-captain has much more appeal anyway.

Yutaka and Kinsho are both fun, but Asakawa mixes them up so they just keep his mouth full.

Since everybody says Kazuhiro so often it doesn’t have much of a thrill, no matter how loud Asakawa yells it. Kobayashi does it better anyway, like he’s had a lot of practice. The same thing is roughly true of Marty-san too, although rolling his tongue over the foreign tangle of consonants makes Asakawa giggle sometimes.

Ryosei is a great name to moan, all slick and rounded lips, but Marty-san is just a little too scary when he has his stick, which is always.

Yasumitsu is just…if Asakawa has enough brain cells firing to get out Yasumitsu, then the name isn’t the only thing that needs improvement.

“Why are you smiling?” Sato asks, having finally peeled his eyes back open halfway.

“I was just thinking,” Asakawa swings his feet a little more, “that I like ‘Kenji’ best.”

Sato’s blinding grin catches Asakawa off-guard, but not half as much as how hard Sato is squeezing him a moment later.

“You too,” he says after a second, and Asakawa grins back.

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