AftS, Your Forms are Terrible

Title: Your Forms Are Terrible [Tsukada/Kichida/Kichida]
Rating/Warnings: R for desk twincest
Summary: Someday Tsukada will get his paperwork done.
AN: And I think this means that I won. And still no twin icon! goddamn I fail.

Your Forms Are Terrible

“Oh stop complaining,” Yutaka said, or at least Tsukada thought it was Yutaka because the grin was rather devious.

“You completely love it,” possibly-Kinsho added, and Tsukada realized that trying to judge identity by levels of deviance was really not going to work out for him in this instance.

“I’m trying to do work here, you know,” Tsukada grumbled, dropping his pen on the desk and watching wearily as it rolled across the forms for the next tournament and bumped into the thigh of the twin on the desk. His brother was leaning over his shoulder, watching as he picked up the pen and chewed the end of it lightly.

“Want to play a game?” they said at the same time, and Tsukada knuckled the ridge of bone underneath his eyes.

“Yes,” he answered, wondering if there was any chance that Marty and Harada would stumble in and save him. “That’s why I’m filling out tournament forms!”

“Guess which one is Kinsho,” the twin leaning on his brother’s shoulder said.

“If you get it right, you get a prize,” the desk twin added. he chewed a little harder on the pen, let the tip of his tongue poke out the corner of his mouth, and Tsukada tore his eyes away too late to stop the flush.

He spent almost a full minute flicking his eyes back and forth between the twins. One smirked around the end of the pen he was chewing, the other slid his hand around his brother’s shoulder just a little farther and tapped his thumb against the hollow of his brother’s throat.

“You,” Tsukada said to the desk twin. “You’re Kinsho.”

“That your final answer,” the twin smirked harder and bit down on the pen, “captain?”

“Yes. So?”

“Is that the name you’re going to cry out?” the desk twin asked, and before Tsukada could move, the twin had slid off the desk, into Tsukada’s lap, and twined arms around his neck.

Tsukada struggled, but the twins were heavier than they looked, and he was firmly anchored in the chair when lips pressed rough and coaxing against his own. His eyes fluttered shut despite his best efforts.

The arms around his neck didn’t move, but fingers were winding their way into Tsukada’s hair, getting a good grip, and then his face was being tilted up, away from one twin’s kiss and into another.

“Gonna change your mind?” the twin not sucking on his tongue breathed against his ear, and Tsukada pulled away enough to glare at both of them and refuse.

“Guess Kinsho’s the one you want then,” the other twin, Yutaka?, murmured against his mouth, then pulled away. Tsukada blinked a little as he hitched himself back up on the desk, scrunching papers underneath his ass.

“Dammit, the forms!” Tsukada snapped, but then his voice cut out as the twin in his lap slid a hand in between them and cupped Tsukada’s erection through his school uniform.

Kinsho (?) distracted him with slow, slick kisses while undoing both of their flies, until their freed cocks were pressed together and he could wrap a hand around both of them. More crinkling on the desk made Tsukada force his eyes open even as Kinsho rubbed a thumb over their heads, smearing precome over both of them.

Yutaka (?) had his own pants undone as well, pushed down just far enough to pull himself out, and he was stroking slowly as he watched Tsukada and Kinsho press into Kinsho’s hand.

Making a low noise, Kinsho drew Tsukada’s attention back to him. His eyes were closed, his lips parted and damp, and his head was tilted back, baring his throat. Growling, Tsukada leaned across the handful of inches separating them and bit the side of Kinsho’s neck hard.

“Ah, fuck,” Yutaka moaned appreciatively, and Tsukada smirked around the patch of Kichida skin he was sucking on as the twin on the desk sped up his strokes considerably.

“Tsukada-captain,” Kinsho gasped, his throat buzzing against Tsukada’s mouth, and his hand was tightening around both of them as he thrust hard against Tsukada.

“Don’t you dare,” Tsukada ordered, words edged with panting, “get anything…on those forms!”

“Or what?” Yutaka asked. His voice was strained, his eyes closed almost to slits, his hips lifting a little with each jerk of his hand.

“Gonna punish us?” Kinsho whined, the hand not wrapped around their cocks twisting almost painfully in the hair brushing Tsukada’s collar.

“Fuck yes,” Tsukada breathed, clenching his hands against Kinsho’s waist hard enough that Kinsho arched against him and came in a hot rush over their cocks. Tsukada’s mouth was still against his throat, and he could practically taste Kinsho’s whimpers as he pushed into the sticky grip and let go himself.

He was breathing hard when the twin slipped off his lap, and watched with a sort of sated fatalism as each twin took the other’s hand and sucked his brother’s fingers clean. The papers under the twin on the desk were scattered and creased, and Tsukada gritted his teeth because he was going to have to photocopy them and start all over.

“Oi!” he called as the twins were sauntering towards the door, and they turned to grin at him, the twin with the bitemark vivid on his skin nuzzling the underside of the other’s jaw. Tsukada felt just a tiny bit smug, because no matter which twin it really was, he’d be able to tell for a few days which one he’d marked. “Was I right?”

“Hmm,” said the twin with the bitemark, and then tilted his head up to sink teeth into his brother’s skin.

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