B.A.D., Fast-Paced

Title: Fast-Paced
Unit: B.A.D.
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Akito and Junta
Author’s Notes: The trick to the escalators is just to do what everybody else is doing.


They’ve been in Tokyo too long. Junta feels it under his skin.

Everything is faster here, sharper; the way people speak, the taste of the food, even the way the tiniest juniors shove at each other. There’s intent behind it, calculation keen in their eyes, and it makes Junta sad to see it. Even the escalators are wrong.

Akito doesn’t seem bothered, multiplying Junta’s loneliness.

“Don’t you miss home?” he demands.

Akito pulls Junta onto the hotel bed and rolls on top of him. “Not when you’re here.”

Akito gives Junta all the slow touches and soft syllables he wants.

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