Mis Snow Man, Flakes

Title: Flakes
Unit for Points: Mis Snow Man
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Nabesho/Miyadate
Author’s Notes: Rachel went on at me for like fifteen minutes about how it doesn’t snow in Tokyo, but it’s midnight and I told her to eat it.


It’s any excuse to play in the snow, with Watanabe. It’s been that way always, Watanabe kicking through drifts and packing snowballs, only now instead of coming home from kindergarten, they’re coming home from practice, or one of Tackey’s well-choreographed groping sessions.

“I’m home!” Miyadate calls, Watanabe stripping off snowy sneakers. Upstairs, Watanabe strips off jeans soaked to the knees and curls up in Miyadate’s bed with a moan of bliss. “Idiot, you’re freezing.”

Watanabe’s fingers against his wrist are icy, but his hair curls damply over Miyadate’s pillow, cheeks flushed pink. “You can warm me up.”

Winter’s awesome.

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