Mis Snow Man, Friday I’m in Love

Title: Friday I’m in Love [Sakuma/Miyadate/Watanabe]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Watanabe being clever
Summary: Sakuma just wants a nice peaceful day off, is that so much to ask?
AN: kira_shadow wanted some Snowmen fic that had Leader in it, so I promised I’d finish this up. Maybe if i set that kind of example, some of you kouhai will do the same…oh well at least i get to use my hot Sakuma icon.

Friday I’m in Love


Sakuma struggled into the changing room, bag falling off his shoulder and hands full of schedules because he had run into a staff member in the hallway who was only too happy to get rid of them.

“Sakuma-kun is so reliable,” she said, shoving the papers into his hands and bustling off before Sakuma could get a single word out.

His bag slipped, and Sakuma let it go rather than trying to catch it with his wrist because he had tweaked it a little the day before. He winced at the sharp crack of plastic when the bag hit the ground.

“What was that?” Abe looked up from his homework. He was the only person in the room aside from Sakuma, which explained why he was managing to get something done without being bullied for once.

“Hopefully not Nokkun’s V6 cds,” Sakuma sighed as he dropped the schedules on the low table beside Abe and knelt to look in his bag. “I picked them up yesterday, I told him not to leave his stuff all over the…shit.”

“Cd?” Abe sat up a little higher to try and look. “He’s gonna kill you, leader.”

“No, they’re safe.” Sakuma pulled out a couple cds and sat them on the table, followed by a tangle of cell phone chargers, and then finally a little canister with a huge crack in the side, a bit of glitter still in the bottom. He peered at the mess in the bottom of his bag with another sigh. “It’s Shota’s, from Kabuki. Ugh, it’s all over everything.”

“I can help with that,” Iwamoto said from behind Sakuma, making him jump, having come in without the two of them noticing. He reached over Sakuma to snatch the bag up, and before Sakuma could stop him, upended the entire thing onto the table in a cloud of glitter.

“My homework!” Abe protested.

“The schedules!” Sakuma cried, but way too late.

“Oops,” Iwamoto said sheepishly. “Maybe that wasn’t too smart. Geez, how did you fit all that stuff in here? No wonder it weighs so much!”

Sakuma had managed to pack most of his stuff back into his still-glittery bag just in time for the others to arrive. Nozawa was less than thrilled about his glitter-covered cds, and Watanabe was far more distraught about their schedules shaking glitter all over the floor than anything else.

Takizawa, on the other hand, seemed to be quite pleased with his unusually sparkly Snowmen, if the amount of unnecessary touching was any indication.

“Like snowflakes!” he said, dropping an arm around Sakuma’s shoulders and giving him a casual squeeze. “No two alike.”

“Sure, senpai,” Sakuma answered, knowing better than to try and shake Tackey off, even when he started idly stroking fingers through the puff of feathers on the shoulder of Sakuma’s costume.

“Ah, but Snowmen don’t melt so easily,” Tackey added, voice suddenly much closer to Sakuma’s ear, making him shiver.


“Has anyone seen my phone?” Miyadate was patting down his pockets as they came in for their lunch break. “Shit, if I lost that thing again, my mother is going to flip out. Shota, can you call it?”

“You left it lying around, so I plugged it in to charge,” Sakuma said around a yawn. He was hoping to just nap quietly in the corner for the break, run down from a little too much attention from Tackey-senpai after the glitter incident.

“Ugh, mine ran down again,” Watanabe said. “I swear I charged it!”

“When?” Nozawa asked, skeptical.

“Sunday?” Watanabe tilted his head. “Maybe last week…”

“Charger in my bag,” Sakuma said without looking, wrapping his sweatshirt into the best pillow he could manage and shoving it under his head. He turned to shoot a stern look over his shoulder. “You can get it if you don’t put anything glittery in there.”

“I said I was sorry!” Watanabe wailed.

“Who’s got my iPod?” Iwamoto stuck his head in the door to holler. “I just had it—”

“You left it on the mats at practice,” Sakuma told him, settling in a curl on his side and closing his eyes. “It’d serve you right if Hasshi took it again and A.B.C-senpai were giggling about your creepy Korean girlband obsession as we speak. The next person who wakes me up with one more stupid…”

“My wallet’s gone!” Sanada squawked.

Sakuma cracked an eye to find the rest of them glaring at Sanada, as though every single one of them hadn’t done exactly the same thing.

“What?” Sanada demanded. “He hadn’t gone to sleep yet!”

“Call your mother and ask her if you left it on the table again,” Sakuma ordered. He gave them all one last sharp look before closing his eyes again. “I mean it, if somebody wakes me up before lunch is over, something better be on fire.”

Rolling over and leaving them to fend for themselves, Sakuma dropped off almost as fast as Kitayama-senpai. It seemed like only a couple moments later when somebody was shaking his shoulder, and they wouldn’t stop even when Sakuma hunched his shoulders and growled for them to get lost. Reluctantly he peeled his eyes open and rolled onto his back to find Abe, looking slightly panicked.

“Ne,” he said, eyes darting to the side, “you know how you said…”


Their costumes were in a ridiculous jumble again, and rather than take another verbal beating from the staff about caring for them, Sakuma had been in front of their costume rack for a solid fifteen minutes, trying to figure out why he had seven pairs of pants and nine jackets, and just how Sanada’s hanger never managed to have any pieces on it that actually belonged to Sanada.

When Sanada came running up, Sakuma would have asked him about it if Sanada hadn’t looked quite so panicked.

“Sakumanager!” Sanada exclaimed in relief. “Hide me!”

Rolling his eyes, Sakuma shoved a handful of costumes to the side and pointed; Sanada ducked quickly behind the rack and yanked the costumes back in place. Sakuma just went back to work, tsking at how Watanabe the hanger thief had struck again.

Thirty seconds later, Goseki came strolling by, looking nonchalant to the unpracticed eye, but Sakuma knew a predatorial glance when one swept over him.

“Haven’t seen him, senpai,” Sakuma said without waiting for the question, knowing better than even to look up from the costume rack and make eye contact. “Try Kisumai’s room?”

“Hm,” Goseki drawled, and, “where do you think I just came from?” A shiver worked its way up Sakuma’s spine as Goseki casually trailed fingers over the small of Sakuma’s back on the way by, up under his T-shirt. Sakuma grit his teeth and focused all the harder on the costumes. Where in the hell had Fukuzawa even gotten that scarf from?

“Thanks, Sakkun,” Sanada’s muffled voice came from behind the suits once Goseki was around the corner. “But that wasn’t…”

“Shut up, or it’s not much of a hiding place.” Sakuma glanced down, where Sanada’s feet were plainly visible. “Whose pants are those?”

“Take a guess,” Nozawa suggested in a low murmur in Sakuma’s ear, making him jump. He casually pushed Sakuma aside and then parted the costumes with a dramatic gesture, revealing a sheepish Sanada. “Hi, Sanapi,” he purred. “Hiding from me?”

“N-no,” Sanada tried, but Nozawa was already pushing his way through the gap, backing Sanada against the wall. Sakuma had one last look of Sanada’s wide eyes over Nozawa’s shoulder before Nozawa yanked the costume row back together.

“Can’t you at least tell me what keeps happening to your pants?” Sakuma demanded, exasperated.

He was wishing desperately that he’d kept his mouth shut when Nozawa pushed the costumes back to the side and grabbed him by the t-shirt collar to haul him towards the pair of them, offering to show him exactly what kept happening to them.


Tomorrow was their first full off day in ages, no school, no work, and a Friday, even. The other snowmen were chattering busily about going out for food or movies or shopping, shoving at each other and arguing over whose T-shirts had been in a smelly heap in the corner for three days now.

Sakuma was packing his stuff into his bag with single-minded focus, determined to escape from the building without anybody talking him into anything or needing him for any reason for the next thirty-six hours. When Fukuzawa declared Abe towel-ojiisan for the day, Sakuma ducked low and managed to avoid the hailstorm of wet towels that knocked a whining Abe onto his butt.

“Leader~,” Iwamoto chanted, dropping in a long-limbed sprawl on the other side of Sakuma’s bag. “Come out to karaoke with us!”

“Yeah!” Fukuzawa was suddenly leaning over Sakuma from behind, hands landing on his shoulders to knead them coaxingly. “Come out, come out!”

“Nope,” Sakuma said in his best Leader voice. “I’m going home, to sleep.”

“Aw, you’re like an old man.” Fukuzawa’s fingers dug in suddenly, making Sakuma yelp. “We’ll make it worth your while~.”

“We definitely will,” Iwamoto added, leaning in a little closer to brush fingers down Sakuma’s chest. “Ne, Abecchi’s coming too~. He’s got such a nice voice,” Iwamoto leered, making Fukuzawa laugh throatily.

“I’ve heard all your lines before,” Sakuma reminded, shaking off their hands and standing up, even managing not to blush. “They won’t work on me this time. And don’t bully Abe into it either, he’s got a curfew still. Try Sanada, he’s easy enough.”

That was the understatement of the year, and while Iwamoto and Fukuzawa were considering that, Sakuma threw his bag over his shoulder, called out a quick goodbye to the others, and snuck out the door as fast as he can.

He didn’t even notice the significant look Watanabe was giving Miyadate.


Friday morning, Sakuma was roused out his perfectly peaceful dream by his phone. When he made a grab for it, he saw that it was already after 9, but that wasn’t nearly as long as he had wanted to be sleeping for. He was alone in the house, his father at work and his mother having taken his siblings out shopping all day, and he’d been hoping to be unconscious until possibly his next growth spurt.

He gave a discontent “Tcht” when he saw Watanabe’s name on the caller ID.

“What?” he answered, rolling over onto his side and closing his eyes again, phone held loosely to his ear. “If this is even about your phone charger…”

“We’re coming to visit you, Leader!” Watanabe chirped, making Sakuma’s eyes pop back open.

“You are not,” Sakuma said. “I am sleeping, so don’t even bother—”

He was interrupted by the doorbell downstairs.

“Too late~,” Watanabe said, and Sakuma heard Miyadate’s low chuckle. “We’re already here so just come down and let us in, ne.”

“I’m not dressed!” Sakuma snapped, but Watanabe answered breezily that that was fine yo, and then hung up the phone. Sakuma debated just ignoring them, but then thought about his mother’s new decorative garden rocks and his window, and crawled reluctantly out of bed.

He caught a glimpse of himself on the way past the mirror, hair bunched up weirdly from sleep and only wearing Dekaranger boxers, but he’d be damned if was going to put on pants for these morons on his day off. He was just going to go down there, tell them off and send them on their way, and then crawl right back in between his sheets before they’d even had a chance to cool.

“Cute, Leader,” Watanabe laughed at Sakuma’s boxers when he pulled the door open. Sakuma just crossed his arms and scowled at them. Miyadate’s arm was slung over Watanabe’s shoulder, and the casual onceover he also gave Sakuma just made Sakuma scowl harder.

“Shoo, go on,” Sakuma tried to wave them off his porch.

“Aw, that doesn’t work on Hasshi and it won’t work on us.” Watanabe shook his head, amused. “Come on, let us in already.”

“I just want to go back to bed,” Sakuma whined.

“Mm, sounds great,” Watanabe’s grin was suddenly sharper, and Miyadate was laughing quietly again. They both stepped forward at the same time and caught Sakuma in between them to push him back into the house. “Lead the way.”

“Is this a booty call?” Sakuma demanded as they urged him up the stairs with roaming hands. “Are you going to start spouting some crap about leader kink you got from Senga-kun?”

“I’d think your booty would be happy to get rid of those boxers,” Miyadate said, and Watanabe said that was rich coming from somebody who had Ultraman sheets in junior high.

Sakuma’s suspicions were entirely confirmed when Watanabe flopped down across his bed without hesitation, rolling onto his back to make grabby hands at Miyadate. “Go shower quick, Leader,” Watanabe said bossily. “We’ll wait for you.”

“Mostly,” Miyadate amended, letting himself be caught and pulled down without any fight. Sakuma stripped off his maligned boxers and threw them at Miyadate’s head before stomping out to the bathroom. He ignored Watanabe’s wolf-whistle.

At least he’d still be in a bed, Sakuma thought to himself as he ducked under the hot water, letting it flatten out his bed hair. Maybe he could make them do all the work, although with those two sometimes things got a bit…acrobatic.

Sakuma blamed A.B.C.-Z. Or else maybe the sheer amount of practice time Watanabe and Miyadate had had. Tackey’s flexibility training sure wasn’t having any kind of normalizing effect, either.

He took his time, letting the hot water work the kink out of his neck and relax some of the ache in his muscles from endless days of practice and performance. Maybe he was even just being contrary, but he lingered long enough that it wasn’t very shocking when the bathroom door swung open. Sakuma didn’t even bother turning around.

“Sloooow,” Miyadate complained. Sakuma heard bare feet on the tile and the swish of the shower door being pushed aside, and then Miyadate was warm all along Sakuma’s back, arms sliding easily around Sakuma’s waist on his soapy skin.

“Shota send you to fetch me?” Sakuma let his eyes fall shut and gave up all pretense of washing, letting Miyadate slide his hands over whatever he wanted. “Surprised he let go of you even that long, and also could you not walk through my house naked?”

“I wouldn’t have to if you could be trusted to hurry up on your own,” Miyadate pointed out. He drew his fingers down Sakuma’s sternum in a slow line, making Sakuma hum, and then even further, until those strong fingers were wrapped around Sakuma’s cock. “A little more interested now, are we?”

“If that’s what it takes to get back into my bed,” Sakuma said, flexing his hips up into Miyadate’s grip.

“Speaking of that,” Miyadate gave Sakuma a last squeeze before letting go, nudging him forward into the spray of the shower, “we definitely should not leave Shota alone in your bed for very long.”

“What’s he going to do by himself that could be more exciting than whatever he’s going to do with the two of us?” Sakuma asked, opening his eyes again so that he could see where he was stepping. He looked over his shoulder, blinking water out of his eyes. “And don’t I even get a kiss?”

“Hm, I suppose if it’s Leader.” Miyadate leaned down to press their mouths together, hands finding their way back to Sakuma’s waist to hold him steady on the slick floor of the shower. Miyadate was a good kisser, thorough and confident, and Sakuma took his time enjoying it now since Watanabe would undoubtedly monopolize most of Miyadate’s attention once they were back in his presence.

“Mm,” Sakuma hummed when he pulled back, running his tongue over his lower lip before the shower could wash all of Miyadate’s taste away. “Guess practice really does make perfect.”

“Explains a lot about Hasshi,” Miyadate chuckled, then finally got serious about rinsing Sakuma off and hustling him out of the shower.

Sure enough, when they got back to Sakuma’s room, Watanabe was already naked and spread across Sakuma’s bed, apparently having had a good roll in his sheets, one hand stroking himself off.

“You know you won’t last if you get yourself all worked up,” Miyadate scolded, but with an air of someone who hadn’t really expected any better.

“You took forever!” Watanabe protested, hand slowing on his cock but not letting go. “Besides, the sheets all smelled like Leader. Mmmm.” Sakuma felt his cheeks heat before Watanabe added. “Hey, why’s Date wet too? You were totally having fun without me, weren’t you?”

Watanabe’s pout was way too dangerous and Miyadate was completely weak to it, so Sakuma felt that he had to take matters into his own hands, and quickly. Rubbing his towel over his head a last time, Sakuma let it drop to the floor and crawled onto his bed, throwing a leg over Watanabe to settle on his hips. He casually knocked Watanabe’s hand off of his cock.

“Why didn’t you come get me yourself then?” Sakuma asked, purposely lowering his voice as he leaned over Watanabe. “Aren’t I what you wanted?”

Watanabe shivered pleasingly, eyes going just a little wider already. “You are! I totally want Leader.”

“Oh yeah?” Sakuma made a thoughtful noise as he looked Watanabe over. Watanabe nodded quickly. “And exactly how do you want me?”

“Like this is pretty good,” Watanabe answered quickly, hands creeping up onto Sakuma’s knees. The mattress shifted as Miyadate climbed on behind Sakuma and slid in close. His arms were just as strong and warm when he wrapped them around Sakuma’s waist as they had been in the shower. He pressed in close enough that he could look down at Watanabe over Sakuma’s shoulder, that Sakuma could feel Miyadate pressing hard against him from behind.

He could get used to this all right, Sakuma didn’t mind thinking to himself, Miyadate’s heat sinking into his skin and Watanabe squirming underneath him. His eyes fluttered half-shut of their own accord as he rocked back against Miyadate, rubbing against him. Miyadate made a low noise suspiciously like a purr.

“Ne, Date,” Watanabe stage-whispered, “is Leader reversi?”

“He might be,” Sakuma murmured. He raised an eyebrow. “If you make me an offer I’m interested in. If you’re cute enough.”

“Oh, now it’s on,” Miyadate laughed to himself, breath brushing over Sakuma’s ear. “You asked for it.”

“Ride me?” Watanabe asked, making his eyes wide and dark, giving it just a touch of pout. “You look so good like that, and I definitely want you. I want to feel all of Leader.”

“Hmm,” Sakuma drew out his answer, Watanabe looking up at him hopefully. “That might be all right. Is Shota reversi too?”

“Oh yeah,” Miyadate put in before Watanabe could even get his mouth open. “When he says he wants to feel all of you…”

“Hey!” Watanabe protested. He sat up, reaching out with obvious intent to tickle, but Sakuma was faster. Grabbing Watanabe’s wrists, Sakuma yanked him forward for a kiss, and the noise Miyadate made in his ear this time was definitely a purr.

Watanabe’s kiss was light and teasing for a few seconds before he lost himself in it. Tugging his wrists free of Sakuma’s grip, he wrapped his arms tight around Sakuma’s neck and pulled him as close as possible. Sakuma brushed his tongue along Watanabe’s, making him shiver in Sakuma’s arms and cling even more tightly as Sakuma explored Watanabe’s mouth. Stroking his hand down the warm skin over Watanabe’s spine, Sakuma felt Watanabe melt even more against him, letting Sakuma take whatever he wanted.

Both of them were panting for air by the time the kiss broke, Sakuma’s lips tingling from the roughness of it. Watanabe eyes were a bit dazed and his mouth worked silently, but no words came out.

“You actually stunned him speechless,” Miyadate said, amused. “Leader really is amazing, ne.”

“So if he’s having me and I’m having him,” Sakuma asked, “then where do you fit in, Date-sama?”

“I’m sure I can find some spot to fill,” Miyadate said, running a hand down in between where Sakuma and Watanabe’s chests were pressed together. Watanabe gave a soft, low whine. “Want something, Sho?”

“You?” Watanabe managed, giving a little eyeroll. Obviously. “If Leader’s on top, I can have both of you, right?”

“Greedy,” Sakuma said, reaching up to give Watanabe’s hair a yank, but it only made Watanabe’s eyes flutter a little. “You’re only so spoiled cause Date always gives you what you want.”

“That’s ’cause what I want is Date,” Watanabe said slyly, making Miyadate press a little more closely against Sakuma. Watanabe gave Sakuma a wink. “You know, just plus some other stuff, sometimes.”

“You two really are as gross as Miyata-kun and Tamamori-kun,” Sakuma said, but he didn’t have that many complaints about being squeezed in between the two of them, warm and safe and comfortable.

“You think so?” Watanabe asked, looking perfectly pleased about that. “Mmm. So where do you keep your stuff, Leader?”

“It’s in the bedside drawer.” Sakuma pointed, and Miyadate at least had the decency to slide over and fetch it. “I guess it’s too much to ask that you actually bring your own supplies to your booty calls?”

“Leader’s stuff is better,” Watanabe commented with a little shrug, watching Miyadate tug out a strip of multicolored condoms. “Ooh, red, red!”

“Really?” Sakuma asked as Miyadate dutifully tore off the red one, and then the blue one next to it. “Really?”

“Red for Leader, obviously.” Watanabe gave Sakuma a look that plainly said Watanabe was a little disappointed in him. “What kind of Johnny’s are you?”

“Less mouth, more hands,” Miyadate ordered, leaning around Sakuma to give Watanabe a different sort of eye. “Unless you don’t want us? Because I’m sure we can occupy ourselves if you’d rather take care of yourself…”

“Nonono,” Watanabe relented right away, sitting up on his elbows. His gaze flicked between them as he obviously struggled to decide on who he wanted doing what. “I’ll do Leader, you do me? Leader, slide up and I’ll use my mouth.”

“Hmm,” Sakuma hummed, A-OK with that. Watanabe had an awfully pretty mouth, after all, and Sakuma had spent more than one vocal practice thinking about putting it to other uses. Probably half of the Jimusho had the same thought themselves.

It took a little bit of maneuvering since it wasn’t like Sakuma’s bed was orgy-sized, but Sakuma shoved his pillows up against his headboard so that he could flop down against them once Watanabe rolled to the side. Watanabe settled happily enough between Sakuma’s thighs, leaving enough space near the end of the bed for Miyadate to get at him if Sakuma pulled his knees up.

“Okay?” Watanabe asked, not that he really waited for an answer before leaning in to lick at the tip of Sakuma’s cock. Sakuma was still mostly hard from having a shower-slick Miyadate pressed against him and all the roaming hands that had been on him since then, so it was only the work of a couple seconds for Watanabe to suck him fully hard. Sakuma’s only protest was a soft sigh when Watanabe’s fingers brushed down the cleft of his ass.

Sakuma dragged his eyes up to see Miyadate sitting at the end of the bed, fingers stroking between Watanabe’s legs but otherwise just watching. “Aren’t you going to use your mouth too?”

“Not if you really do want Shota to last three seconds,” Miyadate chuckled. Watanabe gave a discontent grumble around Sakuma’s cock, and Miyadate added, “You’re the one who just couldn’t wait to start having yourself off before Leader even got back in bed with you.”

Watanabe rolled his eyes but didn’t bother pulling his mouth off Sakuma to argue; Sakuma rewarded him by working fingers into Watanabe’s hair to scratch at his scalp, and Watanabe’s eyes fluttered shut. His hum of pleasure made Sakuma shiver underneath him.

The two of them certainly knew what they were doing, and when Watanabe sat up minutes later, cheeks flushed and mouth wet, to ask if Sakuma was ready, Sakuma agreed without thinking about much of anything. Miyadate helped tug Sakuma down until he was flat on his back, reaching around Watanabe to hold his cock steady as Watanabe pulled Sakuma the rest of the way closer, close enough to push inside of him. The sting of it made Sakuma squeeze his eyes shut and clutch at his sheets.

“Okay?” Watanabe’s voice was softer, actually concerned, breath warm against Sakuma’s cheek. “You can hold on if you want.”

“Marks,” Sakuma managed, not able to catch his breath yet. He certainly wasn’t going to give Takizawa any ideas like that, the glitter had been tiring enough.

Watanabe’s weight dropped more firmly on top of Sakuma, their skin sliding together and making heat spill over Sakuma’s skin, his chuckle buzzing against Sakuma’s chest and throat. “Leader can hold on as tight as he wants.”

Drawing a deep breath, Sakuma untangled his fingers from his sheets and wrapped arms around Watanabe’s shoulders instead. Watanabe seemed nothing but pleased about Sakuma’s grip, no matter how tightly Sakuma dug his fingers in at Watanabe’s first slow thrust. Watanabe pressed lips against Sakuma’s throat, licked gently at the hollow there, and Sakuma arched against him with a groan. The burn eased, the slide of Watanabe inside of him replacing it with want and heat.

“More,” Sakuma ordered, spreading his thighs wider to get Watanabe closer, deeper, anything. The answering purr Watanabe gave rumbled through Sakuma from throat to cock, making him plant his heels and push up into it.

“Ryota?” Watanabe asked without lifting his head, but even though his mouth was still pressed against Sakuma’s throat, Miyadate seemed to understand well enough. Sakuma could feel the hitch of Watanabe’s breath where their chests were pressed together, felt the way that Watanabe bore down on him more heavily as Miyadate’s weight sank onto both of them.

Sakuma peeled his eyes open to meet Miyadate’s over Watanabe’s shoulder. Miyadate was quite a sight himself, cheeks flushed and biting down on his lower lip, eyes full of heat and want and affection.

“Date…” he said, without really know at all what he wanted to say, and then broke off anyway when Watanabe started to move against him more seriously. “Shota!”

“Feels so good,” Watanabe murmured against Sakuma’s neck, pressing teeth into Sakuma’s skin more sharply than he should but Sakuma didn’t want him to stop at all. Watanabe was shaking already, thrusting down into Sakuma and back up against Miyadate, and Sakuma could hear the clean slap of Miyadate’s skin against Watanabe’s, feel the stray brush of Miyadate’s tongue over his wrist as Miyadate licked at the top of Watanabe’s spine.

“Shit,” Sakuma gasped, suddenly closer than he realized, heat already pooling in his stomach. He reached up to twist fingers tightly in Watanabe’s hair and concentrated on how that made Watanabe moan, because there was no way he was going to embarrass himself by coming first.

He didn’t have long to wait, though, because apparently Watanabe liked having his hair yanked enough to go tense against Sakuma and shudder himself out with a long moan. He melted into a heavy, cuddling puddle on top of Sakuma immediately. Sakuma growled half in surprise and half in irritation, and on top of both of them Miyadate started laughing breathlessly.

“Out of the way,” Miyadate ordered when Sakuma growled again, this time all irritation, and with both of them shoving they worked a whining, half-conscious Watanabe to the side and out of the way enough that Miyadate could take his place. Miyadate didn’t waste any time about it, hitching up one of Sakuma’s knees to slide smoothly inside of him and bending him over tightly enough to fuse their mouths together.

Sakuma groaned into Miyadate’s mouth, Miyadate’s kiss messy and possessive, hotter by a factor of ten than the ones they shared in the shower because this Miyadate was desperate and greedy, hands tight on Sakuma’s skin as he fucked him with sharp, deep strokes.

“Ryota, fuck, Ryota,” Sakuma tore his mouth away to gasp, pushing himself up on his elbows to lick at the curve of Miyadate’s shoulder, curling one leg around the back of Miyadate’s thigh to force him closer. Sakuma felt like he was burning, fire racing over his skin and making his nerves crackle. He wanted more, as much as there was of Miyadate, spine arching when Miyadate bit down on Sakuma’s shoulder in a spot where Watanabe’s had already left a bruise.

“Gonna,” was all the warning Miyadate managed before he was crushing Sakuma down into the mattress, pulsing and shuddering against him. “Mm, fuck, Leader.”

“Fuck both of you,” Sakuma growled, decidedly not having come yet, but Miyadate’s mouth covered his before he could say anything else. This kiss was different yet than the other ones they’d exchanged, Miyadate’s mouth clinging and sweet, licking at Sakuma’s tongue and teeth until Sakuma was shaking from it, sure there was no part of him that Miyadate hadn’t tasted.

Miyadate was slow and lazy enough about it that Sakuma was afraid that he would be just as useless as Watanabe, but to his surprise, Miyadate eventually pushed himself up to look Sakuma over, eyes heavy-lidded and looking pretty pleased by what he saw. “Good. Shota, you wanted to feel all of Leader, right?”

“If you two are done being all kissy kissy.” Watanabe sounded sulky, and when Sakuma rolled his head to the side, he was totally pouting at being left out.

“Aw, Sho.” Miyadate clicked his tongue and reached for Watanabe’s wrist to tug him up. Watanabe let himself be pulled up, let himself be positioned in a straddle over Sakuma and tugged back against Miyadate’s chest. “You were in the middle and everything, you crybaby.”

Watanabe just grumbled some more, but Miyadate seemed to feel like Watanabe’s jealous side was something cute rather than a worry, and Sakuma sure wasn’t going to get worked up about it if he wasn’t.

“Want to sit up?” Miyadate asked Sakuma. “Or are you fine like that?”

“Fine like this,” Sakuma answered, feeling lazy, and anyway he wanted to see. It was worth looking at when Miyadate urged Watanabe up, and how pleasure flashed over Watanabe’s face when he slid down onto Sakuma’s aching cock, finally.

“Better?” Watanabe asked, looking a lot less put out now that he was at the center of the action again. Sakuma gave a groan in reply, and Watanabe grinned slyly as he tugged Miyadate’s arms tight around his waist, Miyadate giving into his whims easily. “Ne, wanna see a trick? Well, not see.”

“Eh?” Sakuma asked, but then Watanabe squeezed tight all around Sakuma’s cock right as Sakuma was pushing up into him. Sakuma gasped and moaned, eyes shutting without his permission, and Watanabe’s laughter sent another burst of electricity racing up his spine.

“Mm,” he heard Watanabe say, probably to Miyadate more than him, “should have done this first, huh? ‘Cause Leader’s totally not gonna last this way.”

Sakuma wanted to argue, but it had already been ages longer and way too much for him to hold back. He settled for grabbing Watanabe’s thighs and digging fingers into his skin until Watanabe yelped cutely before his orgasm rushed over him, wrenching another moan from Sakuma’s throat and making his fingertips tingle.

“Leader first, next time,” Watanabe’s voice was close to Sakuma’s ear, next thing Sakuma realized, and he was hardly surprised when he was being kissed before he could get his eyes back open, Watanabe’s lips sweet and coaxing against his own.

“Oh yeah?” Sakuma heard Miyadate from the other side, and realized that both his sides were being warmed by the weight of his bandmates. “What if I want to be first next time?”

“Is that Date-sama’s elusive jealous side?” Sakuma murmured, finally opening his eyes just enough to see Watanabe’s grin and Miyadate’s frown. “Mm, it’s cute.”

“I’m not…” Miyadate started, but Sakuma turned his head to kiss him for once, and he gave up with a sigh. Sakuma took his time about it, although he still felt too lazy to put more than a bit of effort into it, and Miyadate’s frown was more of a resigned smile by the time he pulled away. “I guess if Leader thinks it’s cute, that’s fine.”

With both of them apparently satisfied for the moment, Sakuma was grateful to go back to dozing in his nice, warm bed, exactly what he wanted to do this morning before all the interruptions. And if Watanabe and Miyadate didn’t show any signs of leaving, at least they both made pretty good pillows.

At least until Watanabe’s phone went off, playing some horrific midi version of “Yume Monogatari.”

“Shota,” Sakuma growled, rolling to try and bury his head deeper in his pillow.

“Sorry, sorry!” Watanabe chirped, and the noise mercifully stopped, although Watanabe’s mouth didn’t. “Hi! Yup, and with Leader too. Oh? …Ooooooh.”

One of Sakuma’s eyes popped open, and he didn’t feel any less suspicious at the way Watanabe was grinning into the phone. Behind him, Miyadate was snoring softly and thus no help at all. “What’s that? What’s going on?”

“It’s Nonchan and Sanapi,” Watanabe said. “Mm, I’m sure we could totally talk Leader into a Nabe party.”

Now both eyes were open, although narrowed. “Nabe like the food?” Sakuma asked.

“Nope.” Watanabe laughed as he flipped his phone shut, eyes already roaming down Sakuma’s bare back. “Not so much.”

Rolling his eyes, Sakuma started elbowing Miyadate, because if he was going to be awake when the rest of the Snowmen descended, then so was everybody else.

It could be worse, he figured as Watanabe snuggled close against his side and one of Miyadate’s palms started moving in a warm line over his stomach. At least he was Leader.

“Hey,” Watanabe breathed in Sakuma’s ear, “do you have any of that glitter still?”

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