Mis Snow Man, Nabe Party

Title: Nabe Party
Unit for Points: MSM
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Kitayama/Totsuka, Senga/Nikaido, Miyata/Tamamori, Miyadate/Watanabe, Sakuma and Kitayama.
Author’s Notes: Amy and Rachel wanted me to entertain them over email while they were waiting in the Tokyo Dome goods line, so this is what they got/requested.

Nabe Party

“And what’s Date-sama going to do about it?” Watanabe giggled before Miyadate kissed him firmly, pushing him against the wall and cutting off his story about exactly what had happened on his fieldtrip to 4U’s dressing room.

Things were just getting good, Miyadate’s shirt half-unbuttoned and Watanabe’s hands on his skin, when they heard the clicks of the dressing room’s door opening.

“Hikaru!” Watanabe called cheerfully, making Miyadate’s eyes narrow.

“This where the Nabe party is?” Iwamoto asked, then laughed when Miyadate looked over with a growl. “Ne, Fukka, hurry up! And grab Leader! It’s just getting good in here!”

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