Mis Snow Man, Trip & Treasure

Title: Trip & Treasure
Unit for Points: MSM
Word Count: 100 x 8
Characters/Pairings: Watanabe/Miyadate, Snowmen, Tackey, Hasshi
Author’s Notes: Eight universes, but Miyadate loves Watanabe in every single one of them. I was trying to do all 10 from the Tackey & Tsubasa album, but i keep falling asleep. Re the first one, it distresses me that in Hot Snow Nabesho and Date are separated by time.

Trip & Treasure

01: Time Travel

It’s only been a little while, but Miyadate’s already sure that having decades in between himself and Watanabe is not okay. Even the thought of it twists his stomach all up and makes him grab for Watanabe’s hand.

Watanabe doesn’t seem to mind. “Hm?” he asks. The others aren’t paying them any attention.

“Stay,” Miyadate blurts, cheeks burning and heart pounding. “Don’t go back. You’ll like my time, I promise.”

“Yeah?” Watanabe steps closer, close enough to wrap arms around Miyadate’s neck. His smile is gentle like his fingers in Miyadate’s hair. “You could always come to my time instead.”

02. Billions of You

Hashimoto bursts in, but Sanada and Nozawa are nowhere to be found.

“Aw, I wanted to show them Balcan’s new trick.” Sakuma distracts Hashimoto just then, and when the door slams, it’s just Balcan and Watanabe.

Interested, Watanabe presses the shiny, red button on Balcan’s chest; he frowns when nothing happens, then jabs it a bunch more times.

Fifteen minutes later, Miyadate pushes open the door. “Sho, are you in—”

“HI, DATE!” calls a roomful packed with Watanabes.

Miyadate faints.

Several nearby Watanabes exchange glances. They reach down to drag Miyadate into the room and lock the door behind them.

04. Spotlight

It’s just another job, until Miyadate ends up crewing junior concerts.

Watanabe is all tossed hair and loose hips, voice sweet as his face. Miyadate gets distracted sometimes.

“Focus!” Sanada-foreman snaps. Miyadate bows and goes back to coiling cords before some talent breaks his pretty neck on them. But his eyes keep straying towards the stage.

Good thing; he’s the only one that sees the lighting tech in the scaffolding fumble the color plate. Miyadate’s across the stage in a flash, knocking Watanabe to the ground.

“Thanks,” Watanabe says, underneath him, nose-to-nose, and Miyadate barely feels his back throbbing.

05. Flower ~Me and You~

Miyadate stops into the shop at least once a week to buy flowers for his girlfriend. The owner, Watanabe-san, always has a smile, a way of arranging that makes even what Miyadate can afford look expensive. They chat about inconsequential things, and Watanabe-san always wishes him safely home.

For Miyadate there’s only the office and the girlfriend; when she breaks it off, he finds himself back there. Somehow, without explanation, Watanabe-san seems to understand everything.

“Here,” he presses a sunflower into Miyadate’s hand. “Cheer up, ne.”

“Watanabe-san,” Miyadate murmurs, awkward, touched.

Watanabe blushes prettier than roses anyhow. “It’s Shota.”


When Takizawa pulls into port (rumor is seven of his best men got their own ship and he’s taking on new hands), Miyadate’s barely surprised when Watanabe’s at his windowsill in the dead of night, coaxing the excitement of piracy.

“I’ve already got the boots,” he says. Miyadate’s never been able to refuse Watanabe in the sixteen years they’ve been neighbors.

Pirate life is tough, but there’s the open sea, and Watanabe beside him still.

He’s barely surprised when Watanabe says to meet on deck in the dead of night, even when he finds Watanabe there in just the boots.

08. Luv the Shangri-la

With the caravan unpacked, Takizawa-dono shoos them off to see Shangri-la’s sights, reminding that not everybody gets to see places like this. Miyadate ends up in a grove of fruit trees, admiring the dark green leaves and silvery trunks.

Something whacks him in the head; a soft, fuzzy peach. He looks up to find a pair of dark eyes in the tree, their owner’s flowing robe the same green as the leaves.

“Your peach, miss?” He offers it back.

The laughter is low and smooth; Miyadate blushes darker than the fruit when he realizes it isn’t a girl after all.

09. Seaside Romance

The song is haunting and sweet, drawing Miyadate away from his family’s beach umbrella. They don’t seem to hear, but it pulls Miyadate like it’s were calling him.

Around the jetty, there’s another boy, dark hair ruffled by the wind, the waves rushing over his legs.

“Was that you?” Miyadate asks.

The boy looks up, eyes bright. “You heard my song?” He laughs like the rushing water when Miyadate nods. He holds out a hand; taking it, Miyadate is yanked into the surf.

The wave recedes, and Miyadate sees glossy scales instead of legs, fingers iron-tight around his wrist.

10.Yamanote Outer Loop

He’s on Miyadate’s train every day, not that Miyadate has the balls to say hello. He’s oshare; Miyadate’s got his stupid uniform on.

Today Miyadate snags a seat. When he looks up, it’s him.

Dancing. Really into it, eyes closed. He catches Miyadate staring; Miyadate is mortified when he sits right beside him.

“I was doing it again, huh?” He yanks his earbuds. “Dancing? Shit. Hey, I keep seeing you. I noticed you looked cool in your uniform. I’m Watanabe.”

“Eh?” Miyadate manages, already enchanted by Watanabe’s chatter.

They miss their stops, but it hardly matters. They’ll come around again.

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