Yara+THEY Budou, Hot on the Trail

Title: Hot on the Trail
Unit for Points: THEY Budou
Word Count: 100 x 5
Characters/Pairings: Yamamoto/Yara, a flurry of Snowmen
Author’s Notes: For for the dragon v-gift for my profile. Kouhai success~

Hot on the Trail

Yamamoto spends all day searching, bag of homemade chocolate in his hand, but the Yaramon is elusive today. Instead, he finds a trail of small chocolate hearts everywhere.

One on the dance mats, one by the mirror, a handful on the couch in the dressing room. At first he thought they were to lead him, but there isn’t any Yara when the trail ends at the costume rack, only a ruffled pair of Snowmen smudged with chocolate.

“Sorry, Yamamoto-kun,” Miyadate says, flushed. “Were those for you?”

“There sure were a lot,” Watanabe giggles.

Finally, a Yara-mail arrives. [Come home already~]


At home, more chocolates, one on the welcome mat. Inside the door a scatter of them leading to another small heap on the couch, half a dozen in the kitchen between the counters, floor, and table. A sealed plastic baggie protecting a stash in the shower, and another trail leading to a veritable mountain on the bed.

“Where are you?!” Yamamoto snaps, his own bag crumpled from holding it all day, patience equally crumpled.

Warm arms encircle his waist, and a soothing kiss lands on the top of his spine. “Welcome home.”

“I’m back,” Yamamoto sighs, tension melting like chocolate.


Chocolates knocked to the floor along with the blankets, Yamamoto’s arms are tight around Yara’s neck, Yara snug between his thighs. He hums at the novelty of Yara’s lips tasting cloyingly sweet from chocolate, contrasting the salt of his skin when Yamamoto switches to nibbling his neck.

“Yaracchi tastes really good today.”

Yara grins fiercely. Eventually he slides down to return the favor, making Yamamoto wail and clutch at the sheets. Yara laughs when he lifts his head up off Yamamoto.

“Geez,” he licks a stray drop from the corner of his mouth, “how many of those did you eat?”


Yara is delighted by Yamamoto’s squashed chocolates and whined excuses.

“Mm,” he purrs when Yamamoto protests that Yara’s surely not the girl, “I don’t mind being equal opportunity.”

“I don’t get it, anyway,” Yamamoto says. “Why were the chocolates all over?”

“Didn’t you?” Yara leers. “The dressing room, the costume rack, the shower…I’d have to add a few more on the bed now…” He drags a suggestive hand down Yamamoto’s side.

Yamamoto’s eyes widen and he flushes scarlet when he catches on. “YARACCHI! Everybody saw those!”

“Then they’ll know where to keep out of our way~.”

“The mirrors!” Yamamoto wails.


The next day it really does seem that everybody understood yesterday, long before Yamamoto, exacerbated by how they keep finding more of them still yet.

“They won’t stop!” Yamamoto buries his face in Yara’s T-shirt, cheeks scorched permanent red. “This is all your fault!”

“It’s totally yours,” Yara tips Yamamoto’s chin up, “for being so cute.”

Yamamoto is well on the way to maaaaybe forgiving Yara, when the door bangs open to reveal Sakuma, holding more chocolate hearts.

“I found more—ugh!” Sakuma cuts off, eyes catching up with his mouth. “Guess we won’t be running out of chocolate anytime soon.”

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