Kis-My-Ft2, And Eat it Too

Title: And Eat it Too (Kitayama/Fujigaya)
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Fujigaya gets worked up over summer planning.
AN: for Shiritori sonic.

And Eat it Too

“Fucking fantastic.”

“In bed,” Kitayama comments, as if he’s adding to a fortune cookie. When Fujigaya looks up from his phone to glare at him, Kitayama calmly turns a page in his magazine, smirking to himself as if he finds himself hilarious.

“I’m about to crack your fortune cookie,” Fujigaya grumbles, making Kitayama look up with a raised eyebrow. “This isn’t funny! What if they take you to Singapore? What if they make me do this dumb drama?”

“You love dramas,” Kitayama reminds with a roll of his eyes. “You’re being a gigantic drama queen right now, in fact. So what if you pick up another one next season?”

“It’s Edo era again!”

“And?” Kitayama turned another magazine page. “Taisuke, I really don’t see the problem. Your fangirls will get all hot and bothered about you in hakama again, and they’ll probably let your hair grow back out. It’s like all your favorite things at once. If you asked nice, they’d probably even give you Taiga as a playmate. And what’s that have to do with Singapore anyway?”

“It’ll film in the middle of nowhere!” Fujigaya snaps. He knows he’s just winding himself up tighter, but he can’t help it, especially when Kitayama just stares at him blandly like that. “They won’t schedule anything else, especially if you’re busy, and then they’ll find something else for Tama to do and…and…”

“And what?” Kitayama presses, finally tossing his magazine aside. “I mean, damn, if only I had know as an idol I might be busy with projects, I might never have—”

“Summer is for TOURS,” Fujigaya shouts at him, loud enough to shut him up. “Summer is…August is anniversary and…”

Fujigaya trails off when he realizes Kitayama is smiling at him, not that insufferable smirk. It’s a real smile, if just a little patronizing, and Fujigaya eyes Kitayama warily as Kitayama stands up and walks over to him. The kiss is surprising, Kitayama standing up on tiptoe to press their mouths together and wrapping arms around Fujigaya’s neck, but pleasant enough once Fujigaya relaxes into it a little.

“It’s cute,” Kitayama pulls back just far enough to say. “When you’re really serious about the group.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Fujigaya protests, but it’s weak, a bit distracted by the way Kitayama is all warm relaxation against him. “We worked long enough to get here, didn’t we?”

“The way you used to hate us,” Kitayama chuckles. “And now you’re ready to throw a tantrum if you don’t get a cake with all our letters on it.”

“I didn’t hate you, geez. It was my rebellious period.” Fujigaya says. Kitayama hums like mm-hmmmm. “Well, maybe Tama. That guy I totally used to hate. We could have kept Takauchi, I’m just saying!”

“We could have added Fumito and been Kis-My-Funk,” Kitayama retorts, amused. “Hip Hop Clinic would have taken an ugly turn, though.” Kitayama’s hand works into the back of Fujigaya hair, tugging gently. “Now look at you, such a sap. All that fuss when it was you who needed a group most of all, hm? That’s why it’s so cute.”

“Don’t be an asshole about it,” Fujigaya tells him, the discomfort under his skin only because Kitayama is so on the mark. Kitayama kisses him again, not quite an apology but more like reassurance.

“Do the drama,” Kitayama advises, giving Fujigaya’s hair a last tug before slipping out of Fujigaya’s grip. “Even we don’t get an event, I’ll make sure you get your anniversary cake.”

“Hm, well.” Fujigaya tilts his head, like he’s thinking about that. “Home party?”

Kitayama winks at him. “Wear the hakama.”

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