SixTONES, Promises

Title: Promises
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Juri needs some reassurance.
AN: Team Sonic start! Haha or restart. Now I really want some gyoza, damn.


“Hm?” Shintarou asked when Juri sat too close, leaned in a little too hard against his side. “What’s up?” Juri just shook his head and pressed in a little closer. “Come on, man, just say.”

“It’s dumb,” Juri mumbled.

“It’s you, of course it’s dumb.” Shintarou nudged Juri’s cheek with his shoulder. “C’mon already.”

“Aniki broke up with his girlfriend,” Juri finally explained. “It should matter that much to me, right? It’s just he’d been seeing her forever. They’d been friends since middle school, all through high school, so when they finally quit screwing around with other people and hooked up I thought…”

“Mm, mmm,” Shintarou encouraged Juri to go on.

“I don’t know, I really liked her.” Juri heaved a frustrated sigh. “She was like my cool older sister. She made gyoza with mom and everything! That’s serious, man, you don’t even know. I tried to talk to him about it, about not giving up on her, and he told me things were just like that, you know? Like nothing lasts forever, don’t be a baby.”

“He didn’t mean that,” Shintarou soothed, well-versed in the way Tanaka affection sometimes manifested as careless torment. “He’s hurt right now, that’s all.”

“He’s wrong, right?” Juri asked, sounding plaintive and serious, and Shintarou blinked. It was usually him asking Juri for reassurance and advice, not the other way around, and Shintarou felt like maybe this was a job for a senpai or something. “Isn’t he?”

“Um…” Shintarou hedged, wanting to be reassuring but honest. “Which part?”

“That nothing lasts. Some things can, right?”

Juri twisted fingers in the sleeve of Shintarou’s long-sleeved T-shirt, and somehow Shintarou understood what he was really worried about.

“I’m not going anywhere, promise,” Shintarou said, turning his head to press lips against Juri’s temple. “This elementary school romance is totally going to make it.”

“Don’t promise me weird shit,” Juri grumbled, despite how he obviously had wanted Shintarou to say exactly that. “And the only one in elementary school was you!”

“Cradle-robber,” Shintarou accused with affection. “You took advantage of my innocence and…hey, wait. I’ve made gyoza with your mom.”

“Uh-huh,” Juri agreed.

Shintarou frowned. “You said your brother’s girlfriend making gyoza with your mom was a big deal but I’ve been making gyoza with her since like the sixth gr…” Shintarou trailed off when Juri just eyed him meaningfully. “Aw, geez, come on! Warn a guy! I just wanted food, I didn’t know I was taking some kind of mom audition!”

“You passed, don’t worry,” Juri said, rolling his eyes. “She loves you so much if we did break up she’d probably keep you and kick me out. Anyway, she knew right away.”

“Knew what?” Shintarou tilted his head.

Instead of answering, Juri leaned up and kissed Shintarou firmly on the mouth. His hand was still clutching tightly at Shintarou’s sleeve, body still pressed against Shintarou in a warm line from shoulder to thigh. Shintarou brought his free hand up to brush through Juri’s hair, and Juri made a soft noise into the kiss.

“That,” Juri said when he’d pulled back just far enough to breathe. “She knew that. My brothers are still pissed I’m the only one who didn’t get the scary don’t you dare knock up some girl in high school speech.”

Shintarou had to chuckle at that. “Yeah, no kidding. It’s a good thing you can’t knock me up.”

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