JE, Learn From the Best

Title: Learn from the Best
Unit for Points: Mis Snow Man
Word Count: 4 x 100
Characters/Pairings: Sanada/Nozawa, Kitayama/Totsuka
Author’s Notes: talisa_ahn wanted Kitayama/Totsuka, so…sort of. Also there are Snowpigs doing the ‘fusion dance’ right next to me, if you know what I mean.

Learn From the Best

Kitayama’s in the middle of what seems to be a normal practice, when Yokoo asks him what’s up with his shadow.

“My…eh?” Kitayama looks over his shoulder, and realizes that Sanada is loitering about the fringes of their practice.

“He’s been there all afternoon,” Fujigaya puts in, skating up to a smooth stop and waving his hands in a shooing motion. “You! Go on, get! Mitsu, go take care of him, I don’t need spies stealing our moves.”

“Me?” Kitayama demands, but Fujigaya’s already gone, dragging Yokoo with him, and there’s nothing for it but to go confront the interloper.


“Are you spying on our practice to steal our moves?”

“No?” Sanada answers, looking up at Kitayama from the stack of mats he’s perched on. “Sort of. Not like that.”

“Whatever,” Kitayama doesn’t actually care what Sanada’s doing. “You heard Taipi. Go on. Get.”

“But I’m not done…” Here Sanada pauses, looking shifty. “The thing that I’m doing.”

“You’re done doing it in my practice,” Kitayama informs him, pulling him up.

“Mm, come with?” Sanada asks, grin guileless. “I’ll come quietly if you do.”

“What the…” Behind him, Fujigaya’s telling NiSen they’re doing the fanservice all wrong. “…lead the way.”


“So you’re spying?”

Sanada nods, trotting down the hallway at Kitayama’s side, true to his word.

“But not on our moves.” Sanada shakes his head. “Then what?” Sanada just grins. “I’m not playing 20 Questions with you, brat.”

“Apparently you are?” says another voice, and Totsuka looks up to find Totsuka on a similar errand, but with Nozawa. “Here we are, then. And speak of the devil, have some time, Hiromitsu?”

Kitayama looks from Totsuka’s expression of mild lechery, to Nozawa watching their exchange with keen eyes, to Sanada watching Nozawa the same way.

And suddenly it all makes sense.


“That’s adorable, really,” is Totsuka’s comment. Kitayama might agree, maybe, if they were not in the prop closet and he were not busy undoing Totsuka’s shirt.

“It’s adorable they’re spying on us to steal our moves for their own dysfunctional relationship?” Shirt successfully de-buttoned, Kitayama slides hands down to Totsuka’s waist and pulls their hips flush together.

“Mm,” Totsuka blinks up at Kitayama through dark lashes and draws slow fingers down Kitayama’s chest. “You don’t think that we’re functional, Hiromitsu?”

Topic successfully diverted from their ridiculous kouhai and their boyfriend troubles, Kitayama grins sharply and tells Totsuka to prove it.

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