A.B.C.-Z, Teach By Example

Title: Teach By Example
Unit for Points: A.B.C.-Z
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Hashimoto/Totsuka
Author’s Notes: Honestly I’m not even sure if I remember when Hasshi was cute and innocent.

Teach By Example

Totsuka is catching a well-deserved catnap on the dressing room couch when suddenly a heavy weight lands in his lap.

“Oof!” Totsuka opens his eyes to find Hashimoto beaming down at him shirtlessly.

“Tottsu~,” Hashimoto slides arms around Totsuka’s neck. “Let’s play!”

“Hasshi~,” Totsuka imitates his tone. “Time and place?”

Hashimoto looks right and left to check whether they have an audience. When he’s sure they do, Goseki amused and Tsukada resigned, Hashimoto turns back to Totsuka expectantly.

“I remember when you were cute and innocent,” Totsuka sighs.

Hashimoto leans close enough to whisper, “No, you don’t,” against Totsuka’s lips.

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