Kis-My-Ft2, Meanwhile Back at the Hotel

Title: Meanwhile Back at the Hotel
Unit for Points: Kis-My-Ft2
Word Count: 100 x 2
Characters/Pairings: Tamamori/Miyata
Author’s Notes: Tamamori for serious needs a lot of food even more than the sleep, imho.

Meanwhile Back at the Hotel

Tamamori’s sleeping face is pretty damn cute, or at least Miyata thinks so. He’s had more then enough time lately to look at it, because of this whole drama thing, so he would know.

Sure they could be putting the hotel time to better use, but Miyata hardly cares, not when Tamamori looks like death warmed over. He doesn’t even have the heart to keep Tamamori up for food, which he also desperately needs.

So he just curls up against Tamamori, pressing lips against his forehead before settling in to read his book until he feels sleepy too.

“Sleep tight.”


Miyata is shaken awake in the dead of night, disoriented before he realizes Tamamori is glaring down at him.

“You let me sleep!” he accuses.

“Only so you wouldn’t die,” Miyata protests, still half-asleep. He wakes up a little more when Tamamori falls with a whump onto his chest.

“Idiot,” Tamamori hisses, “I can sleep anytime! This is tour hotel time!”

“Mm, Yuta.” Miyata wraps arms around Tamamori’s waist, lips against Tamamori’s hair. “But there’ll be lots of tours starting now?”

“Shut up and fuck me before I pass back out,” Tamamori orders, and Miyata has zero objection to that.

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