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Harry Potter, Reading Too Much

Sirius is trying desperately to make up for lost time.

Harry Potter, Every Werewolf Has His Price

Sirius has to pay his dues.

Harry Potter, I’ll Take That Under Advisement

Remus hates advisor meetings, and Harry's not making things easier.

Harry Potter, The Most Ridiculous First Name I’ve Ever Heard

Remus Lupin isn't really sure himself what happened in those years.

Harry Potter, I Phelta Thi

Fred and George are trapped in the house and desperate for an outlet.

Harry Potter, Werewolves Mate For Life

Remus is a bottom.

Harry Potter, Everything Goes to Hell

Harry and Remus find out exactly what's been going on with Draco.

Harry Potter, So You Want To Transfigure Yourself a Rock Band

Glam, glitter, guitars, and groping.

Harry Potter, Snake in the Grass

Moody doesn't appreciate the interruption.

Harry Potter, The Master Plan

How Death Eaters amuse themselves while waiting for the Dark Lord.

Harry Potter, A Man of His Word

Harry always says exactly what he means.

Harry Potter, Lucky Break

Maybe it's the painkillers talking, but Lily is pleased with how it all turned out.

Harry Potter, He Who Laughs Last

Some twin confusion.

Harry Potter, Malfoys Keep It in the Family

The list of things Malfoys don't do is endless.

Harry Potter, And What the Hell is Snarry?!

The latest craze sweeps Hogwarts...Snape is skeptical of its artistic value.

Harry Potter, What You Don’t Know

James can't do this. (James/Lily, Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Head of the Class

Who's going to notice one more Memory Charm on Longbottom? (Remus/Neville)

Harry Potter, Isn’t It Ironic

Sex apparently brings out the philosopher in Hagrid. (Hagrid/Fudge)

Harry Potter, A Shocking Protest

Molly tells Arthur to get a new Halloween costume. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Five Small Words

On 10/31/81, Sirius makes a chance confession that may save them both if Remus gets his act together. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Marked by the Dark Lord

Harry apparently had a rough night. (Harry/Voldemort)

Harry Potter, Vocal Talent

Harry's got a talent. (Gen)

Harry Potter, The Best of All of Us

Sirius and Harry run a parallel course. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Turnabout

Draco doesn't feel very Slytherin of late. (Harry/Terry)

Harry Potter, Animals Need Affection and Love

Peter has a close call and becomes an activist. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Gone to the Dogs

Dog instincts, you know. (James/Padfoot)

Harry Potter, People Ought To Know

Sirius has a bit of activist in him as well. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Raised By Wolves

Remus's lunch is interrupted by a Quiznos ad. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Permanent Marks

Leaving Sirius alone is apparently not good for his health. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, And What Long Legs

Molly finds more than she bargained for under Charlie's bed. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Final Solutions

Nothing seems to be getting through to Remus now that Sirius is gone again. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Minimum Requirements

Draco once stumbled upon the Room of Requirement. (Gen)

Harry Potter, It’s For Later

Harry doesn't understand Terry's sudden interest in photography. (Harry/Terry)

Harry Potter, Hem HEM!

Obviously the squid would want some compensation. (Umbridge/Squid)

Harry Potter, As Long As It Takes

Lily's woken up in the course of Prefectly duties. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Pay Up, Gents

James has the proof. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, Photogenic Confessions

Lily tries to confess, with some evidence to back up her story. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, Damn Muggle Machinery

Dumbledore's interest in the Muggle contraptions ends poorly. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Me, Myself, and Oh My

Remus puts his Timeturner to illicit use. (Remus/Remus)

Harry Potter, All the Comforts of Home

Lupin Lodge didn't name itself, you know. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Something’s Afoot in Gryffindor Tower

Ginny has a foot fetish. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Subliminal Messages

James ought to quit while he's ahead. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, Other Means of Communication

Sirius chooses letter carriers for more than just fancy plumage. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Smooth as Silk

Draco hates Blaise Zabini. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Delayed Notice

Remus gets two halves of the same note. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Wrong Em-PHA-sis on the Wrong Syl-LAY-ble

The Animagus spell goes a touch wrong at first. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Study Break Serenade

Hermione is missing a CD, and Ron and Harry have plans for it. (Ron/Hermione)

Harry Potter, Some Disease Addled Puppy Love

Sirius ends up in the infirmary as well the morning after a full moon. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, We Figure That Means Yes, Mostly

Ron has a new mail carrier. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Surprise Package

James's owl is surprisingly persistent. (James/Lily)

Harry Potter, Subconscious Desires

Sirius can't get any post out, and Peter does relevant research. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Seriously

James wants to know how long. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, True Colors

McGonagall attempts for some group understanding and communication. (Gen)

Harry Potter, I Believe You Have Something of Mine

Sirius should take better care of his things. (Sirius/Remus)

Harry Potter, Any Port in a Storm

Professor Potter has a few quirks. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Eyeliner

Sirius discovers glam. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Hidden Fears

Somebody's having a go at Sirius. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Triumph of the Last Marauder

Harry goes through Sirius's things and finds something to remember him by. (Gen)

Harry Potter, A Tense Moment at the Breakfast Table

If only JKR had corporate sponsoring... (Gen)

Harry Potter, Grasp on Reality

Ron has some scorn for Muggle education. (Gen)

Harry Potter, The Scent of Blood

Ron could stand to get a clue. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Moving In

Sirius is hot and sweaty. Remus is less than appreciative. (Remus/Sirius)

Harry Potter, Hummer

Well, Muggles seem to enjoy it. (Ron/Draco)

Harry Potter, The Hogwarts Talent Show Gets Worse Every Year

Lucius shows off his talent. (Gen)

Harry Potter, A Prickly Situation

Ginny's made a prickly little friend. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Full Marks

Neville takes his OWLs. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Inter-House Cooperation

Several days ago, Hermione had made some bizarre comment about how Millicent had begun ‘growing into her body’, but Harry hadn’t thought anything of it at the time. (Millicent/Hermione)

Harry Potter, One Last Ride

Cedric says goodbye. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Blank Pages

Ginny hates starting an essay, but not like Colin does. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Perfect

Harry enjoys perfection. (Harry/Draco)

Harry Potter, What Exactly Are The Duties of a Head Boy?

Harry's the Head Boy, but if it isn't Hermione, who's the Head Girl? And is that really her job? (Harry/Draco)

Harry Potter, The Oldest Joke in the World

"Hurt me." (Harry/Draco)

Harry Potter, The Twelve Step Program

James convinces Sirius they should both get in shape the Muggle way! Unfortunately, this seems to involve bad plans and even worse fashion sense, plus an increasingly long staircase. (Gen)

Harry Potter, Hey, That’s Not a Watch!

Hermione wants to practice her technique. (Hermione/Harry)

Harry Potter, Return of the Dark Lord

Harry and Ron have worked out quite the floor show. (Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny)

Harry Potter, Ruddy Gender Equality

Ron gets it coming and going. (Gen)

Harry Potter, A Bloody Dream Come True

Ron and Harry have a little accident while dueling, and both find out what it's like to be the other from the inside. (Ron/Hermione, Harry/Draco)

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Hot-Bottomed Fag

Snape makes a troubling announcement in class. (Harry/Snape)

Harry Potter, You Only Need One Spell if You Can Do it Properly!

Harry's going to have fun whether he likes it or not. (Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny)

Harry Potter, The Truth About Weasleys

After sleeping with Ron, Hermione finds out about unexpected consequences. (Ron/Hermione)

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