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JE, Favorite Senpai

Hokuto needs comfort, so he goes to a favorite senpai. (Gen, Hokuto, Sakuma)

SixTONES, Pack Animal

Shintarou figures out how to change Hokuto into a chinchilla too. (Shintarou, Hokuto)

JE, Glass Heart

Juri does his best for Hokuto when there's really nothing he can do. (Hokuto, Juri)

JE, Silver River, Weaving Maiden

Hashimoto is the worst basket weaver on the planet, literally. Totsuka has to take over. (Hashien AU, Hashimoto/Totsuka, Iwamoto/Sakuma)

Kis-My-Ft2, Triple Crown

During planning for Kis-My-Ft2's first concerts, Miyata levels up unexpectedly. (Miyata/Tamamori)

SixTONES, Birds of a Feather

Jesse and Kouchi don't always fit perfectly together, but it's fine so long as they're together. (Jesse/Kouchi)

Snow Man, Shinme (Symmetry)

Before anyone else, Miyadate and Watanabe had their marks, so matching with the others takes a little getting used to. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

Kis-My-Ft2, First Come, First Served

Senga is excited that they match. (Gen, Kitayama, Senga)

SixTONES, Cutie Mark Crusaders

Your mark doesn't show up until you find your special talent, but it's worth waiting for. (SixTONES)

SixTONES, Cheerio Break

Hokuto isn't even surprised to find Shintarou chewing on his stuff these days. (AU, Hokuto and Shintarou)

Snow Man, Easy to Please

Miyadate and Watanabe relax after coming home from Singapore. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

Snow Man, Not Just Anybody

Abe helps Sakuma decide which jeans are worth keeping. (Sakuma/Abe)

Snow Man, Pet

Fukazawa is a high maintenance pet. (Sakuma, Fukazawa, Abe)

JE, Persuasion

Kauan is not sure why is group is being so cute with him all of the sudden. (Kauan/Reia/Hokuto)

SixTONES, Beauty School Dropout (Go Back to High School)

Taiga and Jesse get really into the uniforms while shooting the girl-version SixTONES comic. (Taiga/Jesse)

SixTONES, Too Early to Call

Practicing for a future that might happen was hard. Practicing for a future that definitely will happen is harder. (Gen)

JE, Team Bonding

A couple of members of 2015 Team Ra get a little closer. (Hokuto/Reia/Shintarou)

JE, Every Step Up the Mountain

SixTONES takes a field trip and decides what the best wish would be. (Gen, Juri, Taiga, Shintarou, Kouchi, etc)

Sexy Zone, Please Take Care of Me

If Kento would just give him a chance, Sou would show him that all he wants to do is take care of him. (Kento/Sou)

SixTONES, All in One Breath

Where Juri gets off telling a guy what his birthday wishes are, Shintarou has no idea. (Juri/Shintarou)

SixTONES, Eternal Kouhai

Shintarou will always be group baby in Kouchi's eyes. (Shintarou, Hokuto, Kouchi)

SixTONES, Cuddle Pile

Until Shintarou's magic birthday, SixTONES has to settle for the cuddle pile. (SixTONES)

SixTONES, Brain Freeze Is Its Own Reward

Hokuto attempts to motivate his group. (Gen)

A.B.C-Z, Apparent Utility

Goseki's not entirely sure why he keeps these guys around. (Goseki/A.B.C-Z)

SixTONES, Dangerous Halo

The last time Taiga had been blond hadn't been anything like this. (Juri/Taiga)

SixTONES, Bonus Round

Juri and Hokuto don't wait for Shintarou to get started. (Juri/Hokuto/Shintarou)

Snow Man, Open Invitation

Watanabe and Sakuma don't need much help to get started. (Watanabe/Sakuma)

Raven Boys, Questions of Stones

Cabeswater can be frustrating if you aren't reading it right. (Ronan, Adam)

Raven Boys, Circular Logic

The night after Ronan rescues Adam, Adam hates basically everything. (Adam/Ronan)

A.B.C-Z, Newly Formed Stars

Hasshi doesn't really get sarcasm. (Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, And Eat it Too

Fujigaya gets worked up over summer planning. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

SixTONES, Promises

Juri needs some reassurance. (Juri/Shintarou)

SixTONES, All Puff and Fluff

The fic where Shintarou gets cursed and turned into a chinchilla. (Gen)

SixTONES, Midnight Crazy Hair

Hokuto is just trying to make it on stage. (Hokuto/Baka6)

JE, Yippie Kay Yay

Jesse loses a bet, and Casey wins. (Jesse/Casey Anderson)

JE, Traditional Concept

It's anybody's guess what the concept of this group is. (Gen, Hokuto, Jesse, Yasui, Hagiya, Shintarou, Taiga, Juri)

Kis-My-Ft2, Caught on Tape

Tamamori and Miyata are the reason why half the footage is completely unusable. (Tamamori/Miyata)

A.B.C-Z, Just the Tiniest Bit

Kawai and Hashimoto make it up to Totsuka for how they were busy with their stageplay. (Kawai/Totsuka/Hashimoto)

SixTONES, Early in Time

Ren is a serious kid surrounded by insanity. No wonder Taiga is his favorite. (Shintarou, Maika, Taiga)

Snow Man, Always Find Your Way Back

Miyadate doesn't plan on letting Watanabe get far enough to test it out anyway. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

SixTONES, Dependence

somehow it always seems like Juri and Taiga have unpleasant breakups at the same time. (Juri/Taiga)

Chaotic Butterfly, Pictures or It Didn’t Happen

Adachi and Rin do NaNoWriMo. (Goto, Adachi, Rin)

DBSK, Leftovers are Always Better the Next Day

Changmin can't figure out what the secret ingredient in Jaejoong's curry is. (Changmin/DBSK)

Snow Man, Keep the Hat On

Snowmen are weak to low pressure. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

SixTONES, It’s Only Weird If We Talk About It

Shintarou and Juri are devoted but questionable baby-sitters. (Shintarou, Juri, Maika)

SixTONES, Baby Bump

Hokuto's been looking a little different lately. Taiga likes it. (Hokuto/Taiga)

SixTONES, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Shintarou refuses to tell Juri what they're planning to name his daughter. (Shintarou, Juri)

JE, Wishful Thinking

Shintarou shares his birthday wish with Shintarou. (Hashimoto and Shintarou)

Chaotic Butterfly, Flavor of the Month

Everywhere Fujishima turns, it's pineapples lately. (Fujishima, Mitsumi)

SixTONES, Attention-Seeking Behavior

It's possible Juri got this haircut entirely so that Taiga will touch his hair. (Juri/Taiga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Can’t All Be Moonflowers and Poetry

Yokoo thought Nikaido's sex drive might kill him before he changes gender the first time, but now he's sure it will. (Yokoo/Nikaido)

Snow Man, Get Your Money’s Worth

Miyadate and Watanabe enjoy karaoke. Or at least enjoy the room. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

JE, Meanwhile at Gamushara

Genki can make a dirty joke just as much as anybody else. (Genki/Jinguji/Reia)

Baka6, Concept Art

Wings suit Jesse way more than they should, and that isn't even half of the problem. (Jesse/Kouchi)

JE, Too Cute

Chinen has an awful lot of kittens. (Gen, AU)

JE, A Perfectly Respectable-Sized Earthquake

Naps are Kitayama's favorite thing, and senpai are Yasui's. (Kitayama/Yasui)

JE, Near Miss

Totsuka and Yabu's date nights are non-negotiable, once they manage to schedule it in these days. (Totsuka/Yabu unrequited)

Baka6, Coelliptic Orbit

What if the right moment comes and it's one of the times they aren't right there next to him? (Shintarou, Jesse, Taiga, Hokuto)

Baka6, Waiting Game

Waiting is the worst. (Juri/Shintarou unrequited)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Real Face

Yamada needs reassurance from his group sometimes. All of them. (Yamada/HSJ)

JE, Body to Body

Shintarou and Jinguji swap bodies, and realize maybe their own problems aren't so bad after all. (Shintarou and Jinguji)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Wants and Needs

The mirror makes them look ridiculous together, Chinen always grumbles, but Yabu doesn't care about that. (Chinen/Yabu)

Snowman, Dots and Dashes

Maybe if they had actually used the condoms instead of laughing at them, Miyadate wouldn't have gotten Watanabe pregnant. (Miyadate/Watanabe)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Domesticated

Chinen is not exactly what Takaki was expecting when he gets delivered. (Chinen/Takaki, AU)

Kis-My-Ft2, Tokyo Girls Collection

"In our next life, I hope we're girls." (Nikaido/Senga, AU)

Baka6, Acceptance

Juri fits in really well with Shintarou's family. (Juri/Shintarou)

Baka6, You Are the No. 1 Boyfriend

Studying is hard, and Taiga is kind of a distraction. (Hokuto/Taiga)

Baka6, Superstition

Jesse tells Hokuto to worry about himself. (Juri/Shintarou, Jesse/Hokuto)

Kis-My-Ft2, Travel Delayed

The airport is one of Tamamori's least favorite places in the entire world. (Miyata/Tamamori)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Wait Your Turn

Yuto is afraid to admit to Keito that he wants it a little dirtier. (Yuto/Keito)

Kis-My-Ft2, B-Gourmet

Senga coaxes Yokoo into saying yes to a home date. (Senga/Yokoo)

JE, Even Playing Field

Tamamori has one major advantage, in Yuto's opinion. (Tamamori/Yuto)

Hey! Say! JUMP, Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

Yamada is the perfect size for cuddling. (Yabu/Yamada)

Snowman, It’s Not Easy Being Representative Director

Iwamoto is too exhausted even for his group. (Iwamoto/Snowmen)

Bad Boys J, All Fired Up

Nobody has been able to get Danno all fired up lately, like Kaori said, and that includes Kaori herself. (Danno/Kaori)

Kis-My-Ft2, Spring Storm

Tamamori interrupts Miyata's script practice. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Baka6, The One I’m Waiting For

Just because Hokuto is worth waiting for, that doesn't mean Taiga is exactly enjoying the wait. (Taiga/Hokuto)

Kis-My-Ft2, Lost and Found

Tamamori can't find something really important. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Baka6, Not All Progress is Positive

Jesse had needs, and Shintarou does not want to fill them. (Shintarou/Jesse)

A.B.C-Z, High Tension

Tottsu seems like he's angling to get punished today. (Hasshi/Tottsu)

Baka6, Drama Queen

In which Jesse Lewis is a perfectly capable, perfectly attractive drama actress. (Hokuto/Jesse)

Baka6, Out Past Curfew

Jesse's mother can kick Hokuto's ass, and she'll do it too if he brings him home on a school night. (Hokuto/Jesse)

Kis-My-Ft2, Shiver

18 hours of PV filming in the fake rain leaves Tamamori not in the best condition. (Miyata/Tamamori)

Snow Man, Comfort Object

With Miyadate is still Watanabe's favorite place to be. (Watanabe/Miyadate)

Kis-My-Ft2, Like a Korean Drama

Maybe Senga wants it to be a little dramatic after all. (Senga/Nikaido)

Kis-My-Ft2, Delay of Game

“Save it for later,” Yokoo advises, and Fujigaya whines at him. (Yokoo/Fujigaya)

Kis-My-Ft2, Miyata vs Pillow-san

All Tamamori wants is to sleep, why is that so hard? (Tamamori/Miyata)

Kis-My-Ft2, Takes One to Know One

Nikaido's totally into it. Good thing Senga is too. (Nikaido/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Cornered

Nikabunny is cornered. (Senga/Nikaido)

Kis-My-Ft2, Senpai’s Treat

21-year-old Senga doesn’t make a big show of it like 16-year-old Senga used to, but Kitayama likes that even more. (Kitayama/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, Can’t Always Get What You Want

But sometimes you get what you need? Or Miyata does, anyway. (Tamamori/Miyata)

Yara+THEY Budou, Impatience

Yamamoto just can't wait. (Yara/Yamamoto)

Kis-My-Ft2, Allergy Medicine and Other Hallucinogens

Fujigaya hates spring. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

Kis-My-Ft2, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

Scaredy-cat Nika and helpful Senga. (Nikaido/Senga)

Kis-My-Ft2, It’s All Cool

Even Yokoo gets tired of mothering them sometimes. (Yokoo/Nikaido)

Kis-My-Ft2, Addictive

Kitayama is totally doing it on purpose. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

Kis-My-Ft2, Wish in One Hand, Spit in the Other

Honestly, Kitayama doesn't know what he's supposed to do about their group's merging issues. (Kitayama, Kis-My-Ft2, Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, The Worst Waiter Ever

Yokoo may have kidnapped Nikaido just a little bit. (Yokoo/Nikaido, Vampire AU)

Kis-My-Ft2, Incriminating Evidence

Kitayama gets tabloided again; Fujigaya isn't amused. (Kitayama/Fujigaya)

A.B.C-Z, Limitless

[We're waiting for you] the mail said, and Kawai rereading it for the 20th time didn't change what it said. (A.B.C-Z, Yara, gen)

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